marvel sketch cards: teen takeover!

i saved the best batch of marvel sketch cards for last: the teen teams!

the runaways have been jen and i’s favorite marvel team since vaughan and alphona created them over five years ago.¬† it was fun to finally have an excuse to draw them:


one of my other favorite new teen teams, the young avengers:




and okay- a bit younger than teens, but no less awesome: power pack!


power pack is how i ended my 100, with  katie power energy-blasting me off to more productive things. :)

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  1. Scott’s avatar

    Those are great. I especially like how you tied the Power Pack cards together, that’s cool. Ugh, I want to do licensed cards so bad!

  2. Keath’s avatar

    I like how you did sets where the cards make one large picture when put together. Also, it’s nice to see you do some punk-ish girls :)

  3. EZG’s avatar

    Having a little trouble telling Victor and Chase apart. Otherwise, I really dig the Runaways.

  4. Sarah!’s avatar

    Holy Moly Sketch Cards! You’ve been so busy! These are all so fun! Yay!

    Love the tron too for Drawergeeks!

  5. mike’s avatar

    scott- i’ll be sure to let you know if i hear they do this again! there’s a bunch of other companies doing this besides marvel/upper deck too.

    keath- haha. just nico! one day i hope to find time to draw something less rushed and more substantial for the runaways kids. i love those characters so much.

    ezg- yeah- jen said the same thing. the drawback to sketching these things is there are no do-overs or editing. hopefully chase’s gloves and vic’s headphones help classify them a part a little, but i would have liked to redraw vic if i could’ve. definitely one of the weaker cards i did.

    sarah- no lie! these took up a lot of my free drawing time. i’m glad i finished just in time to draw something for tron though! i can’t wait for tr2n. :D thanks!

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