marvel sketch cards: x-men

you can try, but it’s hard to avoid drawing mutants when you’re in the marvel universe.  there’s just so gosh darn many of them!




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  1. EZG’s avatar

    You should draw clouds of smoke in front of the hands and feet on Shatterstar in honor of Rob Liefeld and his inability to draw hands and feet.

  2. Rich’s avatar

    Nice! Also… DOOP!!!

  3. mike’s avatar

    ezg- ack! forgot the smoke… liefeld was a lazy genius!

    rich- woo! doop! i hope he shows up again one day…

  4. Keath’s avatar

    Yo, Phoenix is hawt!

  5. McTruen’s avatar

    Your drawings are amazing! Where in the world did you learn how to draw like that?

  6. mike’s avatar

    keath- thanks!

    mctruen- uh.. practice? still practicing. :)

  7. McTruen’s avatar

    That’s a lot of practice. I can only imagine what they’ll look like later on.

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