marvel sketch cards!

one of the things that kept me busy last month- actually mainly last week- was drawing 100 sketch cards for the marvel masterpieces series 3 set. and all 100 got approved today so now i can show them here! yay!

since there are so many though, i’m just gonna post a few a day and make this a super awesome marvel sketch card week on this here blog (or journal depending on where you are reading this from).  and by all means, please click to enlarge these too. i know they are small.

first up- some avengers and other random marvel universe heroes and villains:




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  1. matt’s avatar

    will elektro the robot be getting his own movie soon? dooms great too!

  2. Evan’s avatar

    Ha, Mike, you’re killing me with the Doom Flakes and Fin Fang Foom’s tea time. You’re Iron Fist and Daredevil turned out really nice as well.

  3. Angela’s avatar

    Dude, I totally need to score me some Doom Flakes.
    These are GREAT.

  4. mike’s avatar

    matt- if marvel knows what’s best for them.

    evan- thanks, dude!

    angela- they would probably kill you. ;)

  5. Keath’s avatar

    Yes – Elektro the mailman made it! :)

    Clearly the Galactus card is designed for high prices on the ebay market

  6. Keath’s avatar

    Sorry, meant “destined” not “designed” :)

  7. Bryan B.’s avatar

    Mike, these are some of my favorite things you’ve ever done. You’re sense of humor is the best! Oh man, The Punisher with the big gun then the little hand gun, ho ho ho. Every one of these is fantastico!

  8. mike’s avatar

    keath- i hope elektro the mailman gets his own series one day. it would boost marvel’s sales for sure!

    bryan- haha! thanks! they were a blast.

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