faerie seasons

here’s some fun stuff. i was commissioned to draw four simple faerie illustrations, each depicting one of our seasons (if you live on planet earth).  i think they came out alright! it was fun giving each one it’s own unique color scheme.





most of my time right now is spent working on my second parable story (the first one you can read this fall when volume one comes out in december!), but i still have an inbox full of commissions i’m trying to get to.  i’ll do my best to post some of my favorites as i draw them so this blog doesn’t become a ghost town. or ghost blog. spooky.


  1. Jeremy’s avatar

    I am the one who commissioned this set for my daughter’s room, and I have to say they came out fantastic! Thanks again Mike!

  2. Keath’s avatar

    Summer came out plenty saucy but I have to say Autumn is my favorite. Well done Mike! :)

  3. Kimberly’s avatar

    To add to Jeremy’s comment. I was thinking how amazing the set would be in a little girls room. beautiful!!!!! I love them to pieces. I think spring is my favorite because it is my favorite season.

  4. bruna’s avatar

    I loooove summer! no! wait, no! wait… ah, who am I kidding, they are all fantastic… it can be done, I can’t choose one. ALL. GREAT!

  5. Susan M.’s avatar

    I really like these picture, but could you do some more mermaid ones? I really like mermaids…

  6. mike’s avatar

    jeremy- glad you liked them. :)

    keath- saucy huh? haha. thanks!

    kim- yay! then mission accomplished. thanks!

    bruna- no, you have to CHOOSE! ;)

    susan- actually, there are some mermaids on the way….

  7. Bryan B.’s avatar

    These rock! Winter and fall are my favorites, but probably because those are my favorite seasons. Are you doing mermaids through the seasons too? I’m thinking they don’t care for winter too much.

  8. mike’s avatar

    bryan- unless they are POLAR mermaids!

    yeah, you’re probably right.

  9. MaLu Oliveira’s avatar

    Beautiful! Wonderful!! Fantastic!!! I can’t choose one picture.

  10. Reg’s avatar

    got here through SFG… these are really sweet! the tone and mood is fantastic! my favorite is summer. great blog you have here– subscribing! :)

  11. mike’s avatar

    thanks, malu and reg!

  12. Angela’s avatar

    These are so cute! Great job Mike!

  13. mike’s avatar

    thanks, angela. :)

  14. Muffin’s avatar

    these are PERFECT, mike! Mind if I use them as my desktop? Absolutely supercute. You do faeries SO WELL!

  15. mike’s avatar

    aw- thanks, mette. go right ahead!

  16. amie x’s avatar

    lovee this pic awwww i love pixies theese are soo cool !

  17. yolk’s avatar

    beautiful climate and colors! i love this brushes.

  18. filleolutins’s avatar

    Magnifique, j’adore!

  19. Berry’s avatar

    Hi. I would really love if you would draw one for me. Do this require payments and stuff?

    1. mike’s avatar

      Hi Berry. I do require payment for commissions. Just email me at mike@cowshell.com for what you want. Thanks!

    2. aLexis’s avatar

      wow estan padrisimas
      estan hermosos tus dibujoos jeje
      oops i fogot you speak english =D
      do you speak spanish too?
      i really like your drawings

    3. lali’s avatar

      Absolument magnifique!
      Je suis fan de vos fées 4 saisons
      Je me suis permise un partage sur ma page facebook avec votre nom.
      Merci de nous enchanter

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