maybe i should have given him some bling?

drawergeeks topic today is the yeti (aka: the abominable snow man).  and i’m still really busy!



  1. Keath’s avatar

    It would appear that, while Yetis have no self esteem issues, puns are still a problem in the Arctic :)

  2. eric orchard’s avatar

    Very cool! A really amazing piece.

  3. EZG’s avatar

    Makes me laugh how simple the face is.

    How do you get invited to drawergeeks? I see the posts all the time on Stumbleupon–but it’s like the illuminati of the internet or something.

  4. mike’s avatar

    keath- it may be why yeti’s stay in hiding. one day the world will accept bad puns, and the yetis will be free to roam again.

    eric- what? really?

    ezg- hahaha! not really. it’s just a bunch of friends and friends of friends and friends of friends of friends. we’re not trying to change the world or something. :)

  5. Kimberly’s avatar

    The cutest yeti ever!!! and yes, he is cool

  6. mike’s avatar

    i’m lucky he was kind enough to pose for me. :)

  7. bruna’s avatar

    HE IS COOL!!!!
    I love bad puns…
    maybe I should see the doctor about it…

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