jeannie sketch

hello?  everyone still there?  sorry this blog has kinda gone the way of the dodo, compact discs and vhs as of late.  unfortunately, things are going to stay that way for the foreseeable future. i’m ear deep in freelance and a sudden onslaught of commission work (trying to save for an upcoming europe vacation!) as well as concentrating on my twenty-four page contribution to the second volume of parable.  even cleo has taken a backseat i’m afraid. yet, despite all that, here’s a super quick sketch for this week’s genie topic over at drawergeeks:


no time for color. maybe one day. i wasn’t planning on drawing something, but then in the midst of other drawings, i decided to take a break and do some more drawing.  haha.  does anyone else ever do that? anyhoo, i was just mindlessly doodling and this genie suddenly appeared on paper.  for my three wishes i asked for the ability to avoid sleep, an end to all human suffering, and a sports car.


  1. Keath’s avatar

    and the sports car, of course, was specified as the one from Speed Racer.

  2. Bryan B.’s avatar

    What? No wishes for Thai food, mushrooms, and pretentious frozen yogurt?

  3. Matt’s avatar

    So I guess that means alot of what you are working on can’t be displayed on this blog. Since it is primarily for commision, That sucks… this is one of my weekly reads when I get bored at work, until my corporation nerfs it that is…

    Keep up the work, and show us what you can !

  4. Liana’s avatar

    Being able to function without sleeping would be nice.

    Oh, and I didn’t comment on your Dark Knight review because I waited until I saw the movie to read it, but I definitely agree with practically everything your said (except I didn’t see Speed Racer, unfortunately – I don’t go to the movies very often and I was especially busy at that time).

  5. mike’s avatar

    keath- how’d you know!

    bryan- absolutely not! dude, you missed the best mexican restaurant the next sunday. next time!

    matt- don’t worry. i’ll post some of my commissions!

    liana- i need to get out and see dark knight again. one time is not enough! and make sure to netflix speed racer when it comes out, or whatever crazy rental service the kids are using these days. heck, i’d say just go out and buy it.

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