hellboy’s smoking

actually, they all are.






you can click on that first one for extra screen-sized fun. and in no way do i condone this habit. it was partially inspired by the genius of chris schweizer but mostly inspired by my pal matt putting the image of abe smoking a bubble pipe in my head. :)

also- a reminder i’ll be at sdcc this weekend.  you can find me at various times fri-sun signing tori books over at the image booth (#2729).  mainly i’ll just be walking around though.

also- i realized i forgot to post my current summer movie rankings in my last post. so if you care, you can view those behind the cut.

  1. the dark knight
  2. speed racer
  3. iron man
  4. kung-fu panda
  5. wall-e
  6. hellboy II
  7. incredible hulk
  8. narnia: prince caspian
  9. get smart
  10. indiana jones: kotcs

honestly, indiana jones is the only movie on that list i didn’t like (even if i was still kinda entertained).  and those top six are all very close. i’ve missed a couple (hancock, center of the earth), but this really is the best summer in movie history.  i guess x-files is the next one up…


  1. Jeff’s avatar

    I have to say I love this illustration. If you ever have prints made of it I might have to purchase one. By the way been a lurker on your site a while, dig your stuff. Thanks for sharing your craft with the world.

  2. Keath’s avatar

    Much as I love the Hellboy, my fav in the piece is the Liz. Tops!

  3. Chris’s avatar

    I think that this is, without contention, the cutest hellboy ever drawn. Wow.

  4. bruna’s avatar

    good luck on SDCC!

  5. Josh’s avatar

    How awesome! Love it.

  6. Kent Culotta’s avatar

    This is really sweet, Mike! I love the way you captured the personalities of all the characters.

    By the way, I think your reimagining of Superman is brilliant.

  7. megan’s avatar

    These are great, I especially love the last two! As always, the expressiveness of your drawings is so charming… you rock!

  8. mike’s avatar

    jeff- thanks for commenting! once a lot of the chaos of my current life winds down a bit, i plan on adding a print shop to my site in which all of my illos will be for sale. yay! :D

    keath- accept for the inaccuracy that she’s smiling. i’m not sure liz does that very often. but then, maybe smoking is the thing that makes her the most happy?

    chris- aww. i don’t know about that- but thanks!

    bruna- okay, well maybe…

    thanks, bruna! SDCC was a blast. in fact, the blastiest SDCC ever.

    josh- thanks dude!

    kent- wow, really? i still think that supes is one of the goofiest designs i’ve ever done. thanks though!

    megan- no, YOU rock!

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