what a weekend

after celebrating my niece’s second birthday, jen and i met up with some friends to go watch this.  over 100,000 people crowded in downtown tampa to watch homemade glider machines fall nose first into the bay, “the largest turnout for the event in the united states.” us tampaians love free events i guess!  the crowd and the heat was a bit uncomfortable, but it was fun to take a break from our busy lives and do something other than see a movie for a change.

haha. yeah right. the dark knight opened this weekend.


after watching flugtag we went over to the imax theater to watch what made me jump out of bed like it was christmas that same morning. and it didn’t disappoint. my spoiler free review behind the cut.

i’m  going to copy and paste what i already wrote on the flight forums if that’s okay:

this is my favorite film of the year. even the small complaints i’ve heard don’t affect my love of this film, and i think it all boils down to my absolute love of batman- and not just batman, but gotham city- and how perfectly nolan handled this world. every last bit of the dark knight felt like this is how batman is. this is how things should be done.

i think it’s similar to how speed racer (my favorite movie of the year up until dark knight) really hit home to fans of the series- because the wachowski duo payed such special attention to what fans of that series really loved about the show. that’s how i felt while i was watching the dark knight.

what i don’t agree with is how i keep hearing how this is the best superhero movie or how nolan has taken the superhero mythology and reinterpreted the genre. i’ve never once in my life thought of batman as a superhero. batman is a crime fighter (yes- there’s a difference)! and nolan made a wonderfully executed crime drama with gotham city as it’s star. it’s the batman/gordon/dent story i always wanted to see on screen and yet still managed to show me comparisons to those characters i hadn’t even thought of before. as for the pacing- couldn’t get enough of it. it started making my heart thump from beginning to end. zimmer and howard’s relentless score couldn’t have been more fitting. and yes- heath’s joker? best joker ever (sorry hamill!).

also- make sure you see this on IMAX if you haven’t. totally worth it. my fear of heights was all too present watching those souring shots on that giant crystal clear screen. i’m so glad i’ve seen my two favorite films of the year in this format so far. i wonder if i can still go catch kung fu panda again…

so yeah.  that was awesome.  but we still had the series finale of avatar the last airbender to look forward too (except for the whole “it’s gonna be over!” part). anyhoo, we watched it last night.  and…


I CAN”T BELIEVE IT’S OVER! i have never been so completely in love with a show in my entire life.  i’ve never been in to a show where i could never decide who my favorite character was because they were all great.  ALL of them.  and the show completely delivered on what it’s been building to for three seasons (or.. *ahem*  books). it was just fantastic.  the choreography on those final battle scenes was incredible (i want to see those storyboards).  the music was exceptional (i want a score for avatar SO bad). and the relationships? the relationships?? everything was resolved so well. i couldn’t have more respect for the people responsible for this show. they were able to create something that is going to inspire me to create and tell stories and make art for the rest of my life.  well done guys!  bravo!

now i can’t help thinking, how in the heck is shyamalan going to even come close to the scope, action and humor of avatar in live action? i have huge doubts.

new art tomorrow! or wednesday! i promise!


  1. Sarah!’s avatar

    Hope SDCC is fun! Yay!

    I want to see Batman so badly. Last year it seemed like there were no movies I wanted to see, but this year, when I have a wee baby, all these fun movies are coming out! Ah well. Baby is definitely worth it. :)

  2. Keath’s avatar

    Have fun in San Diego!

  3. mike’s avatar

    sarah- haha! yeah it is a great year, but technology the way it is nowadays, you’ll be netflixing this summer in no time. no need to spend time away from hazil. :)

    keath- thanks, dude!

  4. Josh’s avatar

    Not sure if it’s what you’re looking for, but there are some storyboards posted here:

  5. nikki p’s avatar

    my god!!! i saw dark knight too! twice!! i loved it and the joker… ah! my new favorite villan of all time!!!

    oh, and i saw avatar too! i’m so upset it’s over!!! *cries* and i wonder what’s going to be in the movie? will it be the tv show redone? or something that happens after the show? *ponders*

    but all in all, two great things right there!!! yea!!!

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