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well, it’s official!  after a very last minute decision i’m heading out to SDCC next weekend!  for everyone that is planning on being there, let me know so we can meet up!

ytlm60.jpgalso, last night before bed, i finished reading the last volume of y the last man. trust me when i say i’m not going to spoil anything here (i’d never want to spoil a series this good for anyone), but i just have to write something. i could not sleep after putting down that book. i was seriously wide awake for over two hours thinking about what i had read.  i should have just got up and gone drawn or something, but i really wanted to fall asleep.  but i couldn’t!  it was like this mixed up emotion of being depressed that this great story i’ve been reading forever was over and the excitement of going out to san diego next weekend.

and then i realized what i was really depressed about.

it wasn’t anything directly related to anything within the last volume. i was depressed over what i had read over the course of the entire series.  the whole time i was reading about yorick and agent 355 and dr mann and the countless other very real characters vaughan had created, i just wanted to know what happened next.  i think i read the ytlm trades faster than any book i ever have before.  the story was just really riveting i guess.  i wanted to know the cause of the mystery.  i wanted to know where yorick and co were going to go next.  and who they were going to run into. but then, it was over. and i couldn’t spend time with them anymore.

and i realized this is how i kinda go through life. i’m always looking for what’s next. or working towards what’s next. and not really focusing on spending time with what’s actually happening all around me. after reading ytlm, i wish i didn’t read through it so quickly. i wish i spent more time with the characters. and luckily, being a book, i can go back and read their adventure all over again someday.  but i only get one shot at this life i’m living now, so i better take the time to take it all in while i can.

years from now, when i’m looking back on this day, i might not even remember posting this entry. i might not even remember that i had just finished ytlm or been excited about heading out to sdcc. but i do know i want to remember that hug i got from jen this morning when she told me she loved me before rushing off to work.  and ash falling up against my leg purring for attention. and my sister emailing me to let me know she’s going to pitch in some money to make sure i’m able to eat while i’m out west.  and eating two bites of that strange foreign honey candy my boss brought back from greece before throwing it in the garbage.  those are the reasons to take time out during the day.

but i don’t. i’m off to the next thing, ready to see what happens next. and not taking the time to take in what’s happening now. that’s why i was depressed.


and yes, i know this is the second post in as many days with no new artwork.  i’ll get that fixed right away.


  1. Keath’s avatar

    I learned long ago that, as schmaltzy as it sounds, you never have to get to someplace for fulfillment, it’s always where you are. Most are rushing around saying “well, if I finish this, then I’ll find peace” or “if I get that, then I’ll be fulfilled” but it never works that way. It’s all in taking a moment and enjoying where you’re at :)

    Not that a little Cleopatra In Spaaace!! wouldn’t make things better!

    Missed you at Brooke Waggoner tonight!

  2. mike’s avatar

    i heard it was a good show. wish i could have made it.

    more cleo soon!

  3. Anna Nemos’s avatar

    I felt the exact same way when I read the last issue of YTLM. I had rushed through the story too fast and didnt savor it fully. That is one the best stories that I have read.

  4. Ryan Reveley’s avatar

    Hey, Mike! I never post a reply to your blog, but I thought I would for this one. It is amazing how we always look forward to what is next. However, we are not even promised tomorrow. If we always look forward to tomorrow we can miss a lot of great blessings in the here and now. I just wanted to post and let you know that your thoughts provoked my thoughts and made me focus more on the here and now and the blessings God gives me today rather than the ones that will come tomorrow. “But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness and all these things will be added to you as well. Do not worry about tomorrow for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.” Matthew 6:33-34

  5. Fly’s avatar

    Hey mike, congratulations for your post. I always like your stile and through the same thing about that last use. I thinking enjoy the day it a god form a work about the depressed but not far. It´s good to think about the future even if you can´t touch, and when we are in communications, even with a comics book we lost some energy and feelings. Life it s the same form, “contraction”, a huge is good with love and and bad with pain in the same time. We always wanted the same moment back again, A very old man sad in a movie : “We don´t now when we are gone and we don´t need. It´s more important do something with the life we awarne.” And with that thought in present heart construed a future. To preserve thats feelings and knowledge we enjoy and despended.

    god work man!

  6. Bryan B.’s avatar

    I’m so excited, now I get to meet one of my favorite cartoonists!

  7. mike’s avatar

    anna- yup! you echoed my thoughts far more fluidly in lesser words. :)

    ryan- that’s awesome, man. and that scripture is one that you can never hear too often. thanks for commenting!

    fly- great comment! thanks!

    bryan- aw! me too!

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