strawberry shortcakes

strawberry shortcake was this week’s drawergeeks theme.  i did a couple:



i saved some of my steps for that first one. so if anyone’s interested in seeing those, let me know and i’ll see if i can’t find some time this weekend to post them.  and that’s all i really have to say about that.  time for more important matters:


i feel it’s important for me to keep my list updated for this, the most entertaining summer movie summer in recent history.  hopefully it helps hollywood out. anyhoo, saw wall-e and it was really, really good.  not my favorite pixar film (cough*incredibles*) but it still held to the high quality standards we’ve come to expect from each new pixar offering.  the first thirty minutes or so is fantastic.  some of the  best thirty minutes i’ve seen in an animated feature. and, being the romantic that i am, i’m always a sucker for a good love story. and robots. my only complaint is that the movie sorta switched gears half way through.  not necessarily in a bad way, but in a way that kinda made me have to reinsert my brain a little bit.  the wall-e and eve centric love story just kinda became less wall-e and eve centric which, to me,  kept the film being really awesome and just being really good instead.  but that first thirty minutes is probably my favorite thirty minutes of the summer.  and a beautiful score as usual by thomas newman definitely contributed to this.


and so my 2008 summer movie ranking is as follows:

  1. speed racer
  2. iron man
  3. kung-fu panda
  4. wall-e
  5. incredible hulk
  6. narnia: prince caspian
  7. get smart
  8. indiana jones: kotcs

still gotta see wanted.  and can’t wait to see how hellboy 2 and dark knight place!


  1. Keath’s avatar

    I thought the preview for Hellboy 2 looked kinda lame, though I will see it anyway. So far the live action ones haven’t been nearly as good as the animated ones, in my opinion at least :)

    I like the second Strawberry Shortcake the best :)

  2. Dan’s avatar

    “WALL-E” was a very, very good movie. Thing is… it could’ve been a GREAT movie. The subplot felt forced, artificial (no pun intended). Kind of through a monkeywrench into the flow of the story. Still, the visual design was wonderful, and the romance between Wall-E and EVE was pure innocent sweetness. So far, my favorite movie of the year…

  3. Dan’s avatar

    By “through”, I meant THREW… my mother tongue and I still butcher it with clueless abandon :(

  4. Matthew’s avatar

    I would like to see the steps for your first image… I like seeing the progression of work.

  5. mike’s avatar

    keath- you are CRAZY! that trailer for hellboy looks awesome. all those costumed creatures and twisted-henson like imagery? count me in. and thanks!

    dan- yeah- exactly! it was really good. that subplot just kinda muddled things up a bit.

    matthew- i’ll try to get something up. :)

  6. shannon’s avatar

    Hey Mike!

    I love your style! I keep an eye on drawergeeks, and your stuff always stands out to me, i can definately recognize it! I really like the first strawberry pic you did. I like the modern older take on it, and the colouring is amazing! I’d also definately be interested to see your progression!

    As for movies, nice list! I am a bit behind, haven’t seen speedracer yet… still debating about that one, but definately agree with Kung foo panda and iron man! I think dark Knight will push those ones down the list when it does come out though!

  7. mike’s avatar

    thanks, shannon! i anticipate every movie on my list one spot lower once i see dark knight. :)

  8. Amie x’s avatar

    ermmmm…. this pic is good burhhh like it is strawberry shortcakee :S (N)
    it is soo babyishhh though i kindahhh like the 2nd one .

  9. Isabelle’s avatar

    i think your pics r really good. i cant draw people or much, i design dress’s but your pic r great.

  10. mer’s avatar

    Wow, I started loving your stuff as soon as I saw that picture of your piXie, it was awesome. :) I’m doing a comic called Ice Cream: The Many Flavors. Plus, I’m also hoping to publish my book I wrote. :) Super cute Strawberry Shortcakes, btw. <3

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