superman: man of style!

i totally forgot about this.  project rooftop– a site i occasionally submit stuff too- was running a contest to redesign superman.  here was my take:


kinda goofy, but i still kinda dig it.  i just couldn’t part with the outside red undies though. i just know that’s going to be my downfall come voting time. but to me, superman just isn’t superman without his outside red undies.

i can go into more detail about my other changes, but really- who has the time to read that?  oh, you do?  okay then…

let’s face it- DC is never going to permanently redesign superman.  oh they may tweak his ‘S’ a bit or shorten his cape, but in the large scheme of things, Supes is just far too iconic a character to drastically mess with (this, btw, is my major hangup with the DC universe.  i want my comic characters messed with gabnabbit). so i tried to think of something that might fit in a little better into his all-star universe that morrison and quitely have created.  something that has both a modern touch to it, yet in some strange way still holds on to the classic things we all used to love about superman.  that’s why i went with the classic style “S”- even though i decided to place it in a circle rather than his usual shield shape (though it’s still kinda there).  mainly, that was just to do something different than what’s been done a thousand times before, but i also think it has a kind of olympic medal feel to it which to me shouts “hero.”  and since i  took that classic shield shape off his chest, i wanted to make sure it was still used so that people knew that, “yes- this is superman and not some impostor” (because we all know this has happened before).  that’s the reason for placing that element on his belt and uh… forearm, gauntlet… thingies.

i stuck with his classic blue, red and gold color scheme because those are the colors you associate superman with.  and if he’s traveling though the sky super-fast-like, those are the blur of colors i want to see when i go, “look ma!  i giant blue, red and yellow bird!”

the yellow seams are there for the kids, since i hear visible seams on  superhero costumes is popular with the kids these days.  so those are me selling out.  but i did try to tie in a bit of a lightning element as an homage to supe’s electricity powered days. and i liked the idea of some red carrying down his outfit to form his boots and attaching them to the costume more.  i was just afraid, with all of that flying around, that one day one of his boots might fall off and hurt somebody. and i don’t think superman would want that on his conscience.

and of course, some things just had to stay the same.  like his red cape and red undies.  i don’t think i have to explain that.

also, i didn’t draw this (because, how could you) but i like to think his suit would be threaded with very fine traces of lead to help- just a little bit- from his far too often exposure to kyptonite.   it just seems like this would have been done already. who knows?  maybe it has…

the birds are there because he is in the sky. they are a cross between pigeons and seagulls because i couldn’t decide on what metropolis would have.

i think that’s it! i doubt i’ll win this contest since i’ve already seen gobs of designs far better than mine (and lets face it- i’m just not a costume designer), but this was still really fun to draw.

i’d still like to win though…


  1. Aintshakespeare’s avatar

    Well, I think you’ve done a great job. I really like the gold trim. It is flashy, but then, so is a blue leotard with red underpants and a red cape. The gold piping and new shoes gives this outfit a nice athletic feel. Much cooler, in my opinion, than the old costumed wrestler/circus performer garb. I like that you ditched the shield and I really like the gauntlets. Very cool. Good design.

  2. bruna’s avatar

    Hey Mike! really cool Super!
    and Project Rooftop rocks!
    I’ll be crossing my fingers for you here! hope you win!

  3. Bryan B.’s avatar

    A square jaw and outside undies….? That’s all I need for it be superman. You did a dagnabbity job.

  4. mike’s avatar

    thanks, guys! :)

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