cleopatra in spaaace! page eight

can’t wait to draw this thing flying…


i might put a pause on these cleo posts for a little while until i can catch up on some pages. hopefully it won’t be too long of a break- there are some fun scenes coming up!

also- saw the incredible hulk last weekend and thought it was great. a really fun action flick with some essential comic geek out moments.  it’s not perfect but who cares.  HULK SMASH!  plus, i love this whole marvel universe that’s being built on the screen right now.  talk about early avengers movie hype!

my summer movie ranking thus far:

  1. speed racer
  2. iron man
  3. kung fu panda
  4. incredible hulk
  5. narnia: prince caspian
  6. indiana jones: kotcs


  1. Keath’s avatar

    Genius! Sheer unadulterated genius!

  2. chris of the gerbil realm’s avatar

    The sphinx bike is such a good idea!

  3. Scott’s avatar

    Great idea…you should start selling them.

  4. mike’s avatar

    sphinx bike- in stores soon! along with karate chop cleo and a pull-string khensu (says six different things!)

    dreaming aside, thank you very much guys. :)

  5. Sarah!’s avatar

    Very cool Cleo stuff Mike. I also have to say fantastic Joker and Harly. His teeth are the best part! Man I wish I could get out to see some movies. There was nothing good out for so long, and then all of a sudden, so many good films! Too bad tiny baby ears can’t handle all the fun.

  6. eric orchard’s avatar

    Well, I for one am very glad to see Indiana Jones there! Amazing picture!

  7. mike’s avatar

    sarah- that’s what netflix is for! anyhoo- i’m sure hazel is waaay more entertaining than anything in the theater right now. cept maybe speed racer. ;)

    eric- don’t be too glad! i had many a problem with that movie. see a few posts down. and thanks!

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