joker’s song

one day i’m going to collect a book of superheroes/villains playing ridiculous tacky instruments with giant pink hearts behind them.


drawergeeks topic this week was the joker, and i thought i’d draw somewhat of a companion piece to my batman/catwoman that i drew way back in 2006.  by 2016 i hope to have an entire bat-band!

has everyone seen kung fu panda yet?  what an awesome movie. it’s right behind surfs up as my favorite non-pixar cgi animated film, and definitely one of the best blends of action and comedy i’ve seen in a while. anytime po came on screen and did anything i was cracking up.  everything from the character designs to the animation to the backgrounds to the music was all top notch in this film.  this is really shaping up to be one of the best movie summers ever!

for those keeping track at home, here’s my current order list of summer movies i’ve seen so far, from awesome to not-so-awesome:

  1. speed racer
  2. iron man
  3. kung fu panda
  4. narnia: prince caspian
  5. indiana jones: kotcs

sorry- i skipped sex and the city that week.  saw speed racer again instead. :)  looking forward to wall-e now!


  1. Keath’s avatar

    love the Harley

    I’m scared to see Wall-E. One of my cats gives me those same eyes and it always ends in expensive kitty treats or a lost spot on the couch. I worry this is Pixar’s attempt to unload massive amounts of merch on me.

  2. Dan’s avatar

    Okay, I can see the Joker with a squeezebox. I imagine the Penguin on either tuba or standup bass. The Riddler is total gonzo-drummer material. And the Catwoman? Sprawled out seductively on top of the Steinway at the smokey cabaret she belting out tunes at — or lead singer of a punk band whose shtick is how much they hate men.

  3. Tony C.’s avatar

    One of the best Harleys I have seen. Really awesome Mike!

  4. Scott’s avatar

    Awesome drawing as always…you make me sick!

    On another note, what did you think of Kung Fu Panda? I’d love to say I worked on it but I was on another DreamWorks movie at the time.

  5. Jeff’s avatar

    Love the tone and fill of this illo. Absolutely fun. Love the large gaping mouth and teeth on Joker. Very cool.

  6. Bryan B.’s avatar

    The teeth really are the bomb.

  7. mike’s avatar

    kieth- but robotic merch! i’m okay with that. :)

    dan- haha! yes- this definitely needs to get drawn.

    tony- aw- thanks, dude!

    scott- sorry! and really? but.. i wrote… about… it… up top………

    jeff- thanks!

    bryan- yeah people either love the teeth or hate em. couldn’t see heath ledger with those teeth, but then again can’t really see him with a bow tie either.

  8. Muffin’s avatar

    Wall-e will be great! :D I saw the Indiana Jones last night at the movies and I walked past this huge paper-robot of wall-e and he spoke to me! Surely amazing. ;P

  9. Muffin’s avatar

    oh btw – your joker is a hunk. I can totally see why she needs to hug him! :P Amazing work as always!

  10. mike’s avatar

    whoa- he spoke to you? cool! i haven’t walked past one of those here yet.

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