another mermaid and mocca

this is for a card set coming out sometime later this year.


i actually drew this little mermaid earlier in the year- but just recently got the okay to blog it.

i’ll be at the mocca art fest this weekend! me, ryan and trade all have our own little lunchbox funnies section in the back, tables A17-A19.  i’ll have copies of adventures in sandwich making, it’s prequel/sequel mini, ash: the time traveling kitty, postcards, buttons, window clings, magnets… all sorts of stuff.  i’ll also have a limited number of art prints on me from stuff i’ve posted on this blog, including the mermaid above, as well as a free promotional parable poster for the first 90 people that walk by.

should be a really fun festival this year.  hope to see a bunch of you there!


  1. Bryan B.’s avatar

    Love the color shift from top to bottom.

    Now where would one get a parable poster if one was not able to make the MOCCA?

  2. Keath’s avatar

    Simply awesome

  3. Scott’s avatar

    This is just beautiful.

  4. Jeremy’s avatar

    I’d love to get a copy of this mermaid print, but can’t attend MOCCA. Anyway you’d be willing to part with one before the con?


  5. Haley R.’s avatar

    I love mermaid art. Your pictures of mermaids are by far the best I have ever seem! Could you please continue to draw mermaids and put them up on your blog?

    Thanks, Haley

  6. mike’s avatar

    bryan- i’ll get one to you. :)

    keath & scott- thanks, guys!

    jeremy- no problem. i saved one just for you! (which wasn’t easy…)

    and no worries, haley. i can’t see myself ever quitting drawing mermaids. :)

  7. Tanja H. from Finland’s avatar

    Love from the first sight!
    Your drawing style is so full of joy!
    Have you already posters-size of these unforgetable mermaids of yours and how can I get one?

  8. mike’s avatar

    i’ll be getting a shop set up for prints soon, tonja. for now, you can just email me.


  9. Amie x’s avatar

    awww i love thiss !! mermaids r soo cool

  10. katrina’s avatar

    I absolutely adore mermaids this is definitely my favorite along with Cleopatra in Space!!!!!

  11. mike’s avatar

    amie- thanks!

    katrina- i got your email, but your email address is coming back to me as undeliverable. can you try sending something to me again?

    mike (at) cowshell (dot) com


  12. debora from italia’s avatar

    if those pictures are made by your hands,u are so great.ur pictures are beautiful.

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