cleopatra in spaaace! page six

i’m afraid i’m not as caught up on these as i would like- and i have a lot of other work i need to focus on in the coming months. hopefully i’ll be able to catch up, but realistically i should warn any cleo fans out there that i’m not sure how much longer this weeklyish schedule is going to last.


still- yesterday i went to go see speed racer again (i know- i should be drawing cleo instead…), this time on imax, and loved it just as much the second time as i did the first. maybe even more. i can honestly see this movie becoming one of my all time faves, which is crazy since i almost didn’t even go see it at all. folks- don’t miss it on the big screen while you have the chance! especially the big, big screen. man, imax is cool.


  1. Keath’s avatar

    I didn’t realize it was iMax too

    Ha ha – I just realized I typed Imax as iMax. I’m such an Apple dork :)

  2. Lucas’s avatar

    I love your style. Great design and colors. Congratulations!

  3. mike’s avatar

    keath- the sound was the best part on imax- cars racing all around you! (and nothing wrong with being an apple qeek)

    lucas- thanks. nice work on your blog!

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