post-it dinos

well, my available time to participate in drawergeeks was short lived. i’m back to being extremely busy again. still, i had to do something for dinosaur week! and so i scribbled this brontosaurus onto a post it.


and then i (sadly) scribbled six more…







i’m thinking about selling them as a set. i’m not sure yet since i’m pretty attached to them. but if you make me a good enough offer, these fine pieces of dino art could all be yours!


  1. Keath’s avatar

    I have a sudden desire to stick them one atop another and make a “Falling Comet Of Dinosaur Doom” Flipbook

  2. Jen Maihack’s avatar

    I would want to randomly place them around the house so that everywhere you go you see cute clueless and carefree dinos! I love Bronto, by the way. :)

  3. chris of the gerbil realm’s avatar

    Dude, these are brilliant! I love these! There might be something in that stripped back style….

    A very happy anniversary to you guys too, may there be many more…

  4. Alina’s avatar

    So many neato cool new postings!!

  5. Eric Orchard’s avatar

    Great Dino!
    Your new posts are fantastic!

  6. Muffin’s avatar

    Sadly? Never sadly! I found these utterly amusing! :)

  7. mike’s avatar

    haha- thanks everyone! maybe i should switch to drawing post-its from now on…

  8. bruna’s avatar

    FANTASTIC!!!!!! I would buy some dino theme post-its for sure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. mike’s avatar

    haha! make me an offer, bruna!

  10. megan’s avatar

    Oh my god, I love these. I love dinosaurs so much, especially when they are cute and kinda dumb and have tiny, useless arms. :D

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