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yesterday was jen and i’s five year anniversary and we spent it at a beach house one of jen’s clients graciously gave us for the weekend. it was just the sort of two day, relaxing vacation both of us needed before we dive back into the grind that is our busy lives. while sitting on the beach, watching the waves crash and ignorantly not wearing sunscreen on every single inch of our bodies (this was not known until later), we both decided to draw ourselves as we were in high school for the meme that’s probably just about over by now. better late than never though, right?

here’s me in all my grunged out glory next to present day spiffy, floridian me (just click to enlarge these):


and alternative rock jen next to present day sweetcake jen:


so cool that jen was excited to do this with me, on our anniversary no less. i love my wife- more than anything else on this world. even more than ice cream.


  1. Keath’s avatar

    Yay Maihacks! Congrats on the anniversary!

    As someone who knows both of you, I can say with definite certainty that yes Mike you are very lucky to have Jen. By the same token, Jen is also very lucky to have you.

    I hope you have many, many more anniversaries just as special! And lots of ice cream!

  2. mike’s avatar

    thanks, keath! more ice cream on the way…

  3. Aintshakespeare’s avatar

    I don’t think you are supposed to love your wife more than ice-cream. It’s in the Bible. Congratulations. And great illustrations. I saw a lot of similarities between my now and then, sadly I also sport a gut that wasn’t present back then. sigh

    Very fun post.

  4. oats’s avatar

    Happy Anniversary, Mike! I love this. Man, I love what you did with the tones on this.

  5. Kimberly’s avatar

    wow Jen, Mike always put ice cream even before his own little sister. You got him under a spell or something. just kidding. Happy Anniversary. Love you both.

  6. mike’s avatar

    aintshakespeare- the gut is just a side-effect to getting older i guess. it has nothing with too much ice cream.

    chris- thanks, man!

    kim- well, she’s not THAT much above ice cream… ;) Especially when it’s maggie moos better batter with cookie dough and heath bar! mmmMMMM!

  7. Bryan B.’s avatar

    Ha, those are awesome. I have to know though, how do you like the sling bag?

  8. Mish’s avatar

    Congrats on 5 years! :)

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