cleopatra in spaaace! page two

sorry, a bit late on this one…



  1. Aintshakespeare’s avatar

    Yay! Keep em coming. I love this character. Great backdrop.

  2. Josh’s avatar

    I am LOVING this!

  3. Keath’s avatar

    Yes! This is so the best story idea ever!

  4. Angela’s avatar

    Sweet, page two!

  5. mike’s avatar

    thanks so much guys! i’m having fun with this. :)

  6. Scott’s avatar

    Love it!….you rock!

  7. Pyromaniac Zack’s avatar

    ya, but there should be more per page, that was TOO short…
    great job, anyhow… =D

  8. mike’s avatar

    scott- thanks!

    zack- yeah- this is totally going to read better as a whole. ah well.

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