hi-yo silver, away!

well, now that i got a few projects out of the way and have made some good lead way on some other things, i can finally start participating in drawergeeks again. woo! this week’s topic was the lone ranger.


i sorta struggled on this one. i don’t know about the rest of you but cowboys and gunslingers are hard! so many bells and whistles and holsters to think of. and don’t get me started on horses. apologies to anyone that actually knows how a saddle and harness attach to a horse (i was about researched out at that point).

MUSIC! bands/artists i’m into right now:

mgmt– i think they put addictive chemicals in their music.

the frames– finally saw once a little while ago and am shocked i’m just now finding out about these guys.

need to breathe– they opened for third day a couple months back and i think it’ll be the last time they simply open for somebody again.

murder by death– this was perfect lone ranger drawing music. thanks to keath for this one.

sera cahoone– thanks to kean for mentioning her. really, all i need is a banjo and a harmonica to make me happy.

ralph stanley– ’nuff said.

iron man is finally out!


  1. Keath’s avatar

    Glad I could help! Actually that IS perfect Lone Ranger drawing music. I friggin’ love that band.

    I’m actually kinda psyched about the Iron Man movie – I haven’t been excited about a comic book movie since Tim Burton’s first Batman. By the spirit of our belov’d Cabbie, I hope they don’t screw this one up like they did Transformers.

    hey – wait a minute – speaking of Cabbie – Cabbie is still a bucket of ash and you’re off drawing cowboys?!? Oooo – you’re in for it now Maihack! If the Save Cabbie forces hadn’t blown their propaganda funds on Slush Puppies and cupcakes, you’d so find yourself on the wrong end of a blistering ad compaign this very second.

  2. Tony C.’s avatar

    Great job, Wonderful lighting!

  3. Josh’s avatar

    Much awesomeness! I dig the lighting too.

    (I’ve been grooving to Need to Breathe’s “Washed by the water” and am gonna go check out “Murder by Death” right now….)

  4. Mish’s avatar

    Sweet Lone Ranger! Very dynamic!

  5. Evan’s avatar

    Man, I dig this one so much. The slight stretching of LR lends a great kinetic energy to it Mike. The silhouette against those colors rocks all sorts of ways too. Great work.

  6. oats’s avatar

    This is awesome, Mike. I like how you pushed the stylization. It still looks like your stuff, but has something new as well.

  7. mike’s avatar

    thanks everyone!

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