i caught a lite sneeze

well, the story broke on this last week so i assume it’s okay to post this here:


this is a page from a story i’m contributing to for Comic Book Tattoo- an upcoming anthology inspired by the music of one of my favorite songwriters, tori amos. you can read the cbr article to read more, but basically we were all asked to choose a song but draw a comic that doesn’t just narrate said song. so what you end up with is a massive 500 page book full of comics that even a non tori fan can enjoy. smart thinking!

i choose the song caught a lite sneeze because, for mysterious reasons unknown even to me, i immediately thought of a story involving two faeries. and you all know it doesn’t take a whole lot to get me drawing pixies. hopefully my little story will hold back the legions of people clamoring for me to get back to drawing more seed (one day! i promise!).

anyhoo- i’m actually still working on this, but i anticipate being done within the next day or so. and then maybe i can get back to some regular blogging. or some cleopatra in spaaaace!


  1. Bryan B.’s avatar

    Oh man, so how come I never heard about this? I am a huge Tori A. fan. This is awesome

  2. Caleb’s avatar

    congrats, Mike! I look forward to seeing the finished product.

    And, yes. Cleopatra in Space. As much as possible.

  3. oats’s avatar

    This is beautiful, Mike. The composition and colors are particularly sweet.

  4. sergio melero’s avatar

    impressive style.

    I love your characters and your abbility making comics.

    see you soon!!!

  5. bruna’s avatar

    I would never thought of doing red and blue and yellow trees!!! fantastic colors Mike! fantasy all over the place!

  6. Ben’s avatar

    I really like your style. Stuff like this really inspires me. I really wish I could draw like you do. I do mostly animations and live-action film…I draw like a 3 year old (I even like to animate with crayons). Will you be posting the rest of your comic later on (even though it’s being published elsewhere)? I’d love to see the entire thing.

  7. Evan’s avatar

    The colors on the wide panel are fantastic Mike, but it’s helped by a great composition. Especially that light coming through the trees. And I definitely want to know more about the little character hanging out in the mushrooms.

  8. mike’s avatar

    thanks so much everyone! the book comes out in july from image comics and it looks like it’s just going to be awesome.

    bryan- the editor was pretty strict about keeping things under wraps until marketing began. still- if i had know you were a big tori fan i would have told you! promise!

    ben- um… i don’t know. if i’m allowed, maybe someday. but i recommend just buying the book to read the whole story- there’s some much better work than mine in there that’ll make it worth it. :)

  9. Sally’s avatar

    Woo! That’s fantastic Mike!
    Looking good! ^_^

  10. mike’s avatar

    thanks, sally!

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