cleo and the blog break

just for fun. :)


seems like every time i get a chance to escape my regular drawing responsibilities, i only want to to draw cleopatra in space. which isn’t very often these days. so even though i’m doing my best to work on a little comic of her (yes- i am!), the process has been slow. today, instead of doing a little more work on another page, i decided to just relax and do something a little less uh… thought inducing- which drawing comics can sometimes be.

that said, i’ll be taking a little blog break for the next few weeks or so since there are some projects i really need to concentrate on. they are fun projects, so i’m looking forward to them, but they are likely going to suck up almost all of my extra drawing time. i should be back sometime in april. maybe sooner if i decide to irresponsibly break away from drawing comics again. :)


  1. Keath’s avatar

    total badass!

  2. Chad!’s avatar

    wow…Mike that is just fantastic! The colors are blowing my mind! Excellent work!

  3. Aintshakespeare’s avatar

    The Cleopatra is awesome. Great costume and great face.

  4. Josh’s avatar

    Wow…. gorgeous. Love the rendering…..

  5. Bryan B.’s avatar

    Yeah on Cleo in Space. Boo on no Mike blogs for awhile. I love the whole thing, especially the gun tho. Way cool gun.

  6. Sarah!’s avatar

    Sweet! I can’t wait to read this. Yay Cleo in Space! Also I like the fancy display and your Tarzan too. I’ve been a bad blog commenter lately. Eek!

  7. osi’s avatar

    that is way cool! diggin them colors!

  8. shou'’s avatar

    Nice illustration! I immediately thought this could definitely be vectorized and slapped it one of the series on Cartoon Network. Ahaha.

  9. bruna’s avatar

    Aaaaaaaaaaaawww. no Mike ’til April???!
    love Cleo! beautiful, sexy and dangerous!

  10. megan’s avatar

    Cool! Where can I get one of those guns? ;)

  11. mark’s avatar

    hey there!
    just finished catching up on a few of the recent DrawerGeeks topics. you can see my concepts for “Galactus,” “Monsters Under the Bed,” and “Game Shows” over on my blog – here:

    i know i keep sending these to you – primarily because you’re the only person i found right away who was a member of the DG forum (but also because you have always given warm reviews).
    i imagine by now though there is the possibility that you might be getting tired of receiving updates from me each time i complete a DG topic-related piece. if you are, please let me know and, if at all possible, could you please pass along to me the web address of one of the DG admins?
    thanks very much!
    diggin yer art as always.

  12. yolk’s avatar

    fantastic color.

  13. Kent Culotta’s avatar

    Well, I’m just repeating everyone else, but the color and rendering on this one is just fantastic. I can’t wait to see Cleo in Space the comic!


  14. mike’s avatar

    wow- thanks so much everyone! all of your comments are really appreciated. comic coming soon!

  15. Ryan Spencer’s avatar

    Wow! Awesome Mike! ^_^

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