megacon 2008 report!

megacon was a blast- mostly because i just have fun seeing and hanging out with all of my fellow floridian artists and seeing all the awesome costumes. once again i didn’t take any pictures. partly because i was behind my table most of the time but mostly because i don’t own my own camera. luckly jen was there with me the whole time with her camera! so here is a hodgepodge of jen’s megacon photos with commentary by yours truly.

here i am on my first day, ready to make the big bucks with my awesome display (thanks matt!)…


…which i decided to make even better on day two. :)


aw heck. let’s just skip to costumes.


these bat-villain costumes looked great.


especially mr freeze’s, who was apparently lagging a bit behind (check out ed’s report to get a better detailed look at this one).


and eventually bats and catwoman caught up to our table- with indy cosplaying third wheel.


what would a comic convention be without ash and zombies?


the only thing this mario didn’t have going for him was his pacing. “jump more!” i said. “jump!”

speaking of mario- jen took some time out to play some super smash bros. brawl during it’s debut weekend (we ended up buying it on our way home). two guys playing peach and kirby (who happens to also be my smash bros. of choice) were pretty much smashing everybody. here’s some footage jen took of them in action.


this death looked pretty foreboding…


…but i love this pic of him even more. it must be in the morning before everyone has crowded onto the con floor and he is just wandering in conventional death fashion after a day of hard work. poor lonely death.


jen had to get this pic of a soldier in galactica uniform.


as well as hold a cylon head someone handed her.


they weren’t 300 of these guys, but there were quite a few. here’s a couple of them protecting some random convention goer.


sally and jack just looked awesome. jen had to chase them down after seeing jack’s head peeking out form a crowd of people down at the end of our aisle. there were so many great costumes this year. i think people get better and better making them every year.


yay for miyazaki costumes!


i guess we’ve reached the anime section of this report. here’s a chobit waiting patiently for her groom.


three in one for jen! pikachu, stitch AND a hello kitty hanging around a neck. it’s like her stuffed animal collection came to visit us at the con.


even gargoyles shop at wal-mart.


saved the best for last! how cute is this aang! jen and i were standing around wondering why we hadn’t seen any avatar costumes and then later she comes running up to show me this picture. so awesome. and look at how jen instinctually poses in typical fire nation greeting. i love my wife.


i also love this picture! this is jen’s assistant photographer, henry, who comes to the show every year. i can honestly say he was the easiest person to spot on the entire floor.


saturday night we hung out at garibaldi with half my local tampa drawing group and most of the orlando crew. shortly into the evening we were bombarded by a mariachi band who serenaded us while we ate.

this video jen took captures the moment better than any picture.


haha! except maybe this one. this picture is classic. :) that’s dan boyd and joel carroll lovenly pictured above.


i had to do it.


we hung out with joshua smeaton almost the whole weekend, who’s table was right next to ours. here he is looking even more creepy than that photo of dan and joel above.


i was actually able to do a few quick sketches while i was there. this is one i did for dan’s sketchbook which he was kind enough to scan for me.


and here’s a couple i’m mailing so i was able to scan at home. a supergirl request…


…and captain cow, ready to fly off to his next convention!


  1. Keath’s avatar

    Henry’s headpiece is absolute and total genius! I haven’t laughed that hard all month.

    That said, your skillful translation of Joel and Dan’s furtive glances wins my award for best pic in the post.

  2. Tim’s avatar

    Wow, what a great blog post. Love the photos. Your standup cow and buffalo rule.

  3. Marco’s avatar

    Looks like fun, Mike!

  4. mike’s avatar

    thanks, guys! :D

  5. Jessica’s avatar

    Glad you like my catwoman costume!!! thanks for putting me on your site!!

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