swinging in the rain

for drawergeeks‘ tarzan week:


up until today, it’s been raining and pouring and old men snoring here in “sunny” tampa, fl. you’d think it would make me want to go back on vacation, but i actually find rain to be pretty relaxing. except when i’m driving in it and there are calls about tornado warnings.

amidst all the stormy weather, my sister had her third child two days ago and surprised us all with a boy. i finally have a nephew! yeah! as is with tradition, i did a quick sketch of the little newborn:


the kid is a dead ringer for bruce lee. even loved posing for my sketchbook.

and to make this a triple post (because lord knows when i’ll have a chance to post again) i’ll once again be attending the orlando megacon this weekend, march 7-9th.


i’ll be in the white section, table 7 with books, buttons, stickers, window clings, postcards, prints and who knows what else. if you have trouble finding me, just walk around artist alley until you see the life sized stand-ups of cow and buffalo and a haggard little artist tirelessly sketching in-between them. hope to see some of you there!


  1. Keath’s avatar

    Awesome job on both pieces Mike!

    I’m still planning on being there Saturday, I’ll drop by and say hi.

  2. scott’s avatar

    Wow. You know you’re in Florida when they segregate the convention floor. Do they have a Klingon section too?

  3. bruna’s avatar

    congrats on the cute nephew!!!

  4. Chad!’s avatar

    Hey Mike…Tarzan looks great! Good luck at Megacon and congrats on the new nephew!

  5. megan’s avatar

    Congrats, Mike! That sketch is beautiful, what a great thing for them to have of each child :)
    Be glad you’re not up here… we’ve had multiple ice storms, the latest one was Tuesday, now we’re going to get 1-2 feet of snow by Sunday. WORST. WINTER. EVER!!!!!

  6. Bryan B.’s avatar

    Great news! And once again, you and Sarah M. tie for my favorite DG’s of the week.

  7. johnny’s avatar

    fantastic artwork, great use of colors and shading! saw you at megacon and picked up your card.

  8. mike’s avatar

    thanks so much, everyone!

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