even monsters get cold


  1. Sarah!’s avatar

    Awesome Mike! The kid looks surprisingly calm…. Have fun on the mini vacation!

  2. Tim’s avatar

    This is great. Love the 2 color look. reminiscent of 1960s children’s books.

  3. megan’s avatar

    Ahhhh! So cute :) Somebody’s a blanket hog…

  4. Bryan B.’s avatar

    All snuggled down under. Another beauty.

  5. mike’s avatar

    sarah- i think he’s just in shock. :)

    tim- thanks, dude!

    megan- yes. her name is jen. ;)

    bryan- :)

  6. Tyler’s avatar

    Very funny. Interesting how many artists portrayed a huge monster under a bed for DrawerGeeks, but I especially like the hogging of the blanket!

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