even monsters get cold

here’s a quick sketch for drawergeeksmonsters under the bed topic before i leave on a mini-vacation:


see you all next week! well, unless i have nothing to post next week… and really, i guess you won’t SEE see me, this being just a blog and all. but i can see you! MUA HAHA HAHA! okay, leaving.


  1. Sarah!’s avatar

    Awesome Mike! The kid looks surprisingly calm…. Have fun on the mini vacation!

  2. Tim’s avatar

    This is great. Love the 2 color look. reminiscent of 1960s children’s books.

  3. megan’s avatar

    Ahhhh! So cute :) Somebody’s a blanket hog…

  4. Bryan B.’s avatar

    All snuggled down under. Another beauty.

  5. mike’s avatar

    sarah- i think he’s just in shock. :)

    tim- thanks, dude!

    megan- yes. her name is jen. ;)

    bryan- :)

  6. Tyler’s avatar

    Very funny. Interesting how many artists portrayed a huge monster under a bed for DrawerGeeks, but I especially like the hogging of the blanket!

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