he’s the devourer of worlds for pete’s sake

drawergeeks‘ theme this week was galactus so i drew this little comic. :)


i identify with galactus a little bit right now. not the whole “devouring of worlds” part, but the “not eating what you want” part. i’m trying to lose a little bit of weight right now and it’s tough to go for that bag of carrots when what you really want is that tub of carmel de luce ice cream in the freezer. mmmm… ice cream…


  1. MarcoBucci’s avatar

    Pretty funny! I think this dude is often misunderstood.

  2. bruna’s avatar

    I loved the way Silver Surfer got this butler-way-of-speaking!!!hahahaha! ‘good for you sir indeed’!!!! It came with a british accent in my head! LOL! :D

  3. mike’s avatar

    paul- :)

    marco- i agree. no one sympathizes with him enough. just because he devours their home worlds.

    bruna- i always did think of the surfer as british (even though he’s not from britain)…

  4. Vhrsti’s avatar

    Great comics! Love the story as well the execution. And thanks for sharing your sketches, it’s great to see them!

  5. megan’s avatar

    Ha ha, poor Galactacus!
    I never knew planet-eating could be so cute.

  6. Josh’s avatar

    HA! Ba-rilliant…. I love this.

  7. Sarah!’s avatar

    See, you just need to be pregnant because then you are allowed to eat everything you like and not feel guilty. A plate of bacon? Yes please!

    I love how tiny and adorable the silver surfer looks. Now I want to see you draw a whole comic about him. :D

  8. Bryan B.’s avatar

    You rocked the house on this one. I wonder which planet would be the biggest gut bomb.

  9. ali’s avatar

    i feel your pain . . . now i want ice cream.

  10. mike’s avatar

    vhristi- thank you! and you’re welcome!

    megan- oh yeah. it’s right up there with gladiator battles and hello kitty. :)

    josh- haha! it is not brilliant. but thanks!

    sarah- hmm… now i just need to figure out a way to get pregnant i guess. arnold did it. maybe i’ll ask him next time i’m out west.

    and maybe marvel will hire me to do a brand new silver butler series??? c’mon marvel!

    bryan- neptune

    ali- me too!

  11. eli edmundson’s avatar

    Pluto’s core is actually pure, rich caramel… silly devourer of worlds! This is a great comic by the way.

  12. mike’s avatar

    oh! he’ll be so happy to find a surprise in the center. this strip has a happy ending after all. :)

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