hourly comic day- the return!

once again, february 1st was hourly comic day– and armed only with a moleskine, a micron and a lack of better judgment, i decided to participate in it again. the result is 25 pages (in 18 hours!) of really, really bad drawings. but hey! i did it!

both my awesome wife, jen, and my co-worker andrew participated in the day’s comic festivities as well. after reading mine, make sure you check out theirs HERE and HERE respectively. it’s funny to see how our days collide. also, in case you missed it last year, my first hourly comic can be read HERE.

without further ado…


  1. Keath’s avatar

    well done, good sir – well done indeed!

  2. Sarah!’s avatar

    Aw, cute. I like! And yeah… John McCain does look like Locke’s Dad… weird…

    Your comic makes me miss martinis. It will be exciting to be allowed to drink martinis again in May! Whoo! Right now it’s all juice and soda water. Mmm.

  3. Keath’s avatar

    Oh yeah – after dealing with months of static-ky iPod-in-the-car-playing I also switched over to Sirius. I’ve spent most of my time on the talk radio channels since I’ve totally gotten addicted to this Presidential race (I’m also an Obama fan) but I’m starting to hit the music channels more.

    So far I’ve spent the most time on the Punk and Classic Jazz channels, which I’m sure presents an interesting dynamic for passengers :)

  4. K?LIGUL?’s avatar

    Hi, i´m a fan of ur work, great blog.

  5. Bryan B.’s avatar

    Well, this is why you’re one of my favorite comic artists. I loooove these. Loved the ones you did last year, love these.

  6. mike’s avatar

    thank you very much everyone. :) last year i said i wouldn’t do this again and i said the same thing the night i did this one. so you’ll probably see this happen again in 2009. :P

    i forgot to link to all the other comics people did that day too:

  7. Mom’s avatar

    Finally got to read I laughed and laughed. I am Glad you are my son. Love you. So if I vote for McClain I vote for Lockes father? Hmmmm.

  8. mike’s avatar

    haha! thanks, mom! that’s right! think very carefully about that decision…

  9. ali’s avatar

    wow! that was so awesome! :)

  10. bill cosby’s avatar


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