secret panels

i’m currently working on five different comic projects at once, which is kind of crazy for me since i’m used to only working on one or two at a time. here’s a sneak peek at some panels from three of them:


the first one of these i can’t really tell you anything about at all. the middle one i’ll hopefully be able to start posting some pages on this blog soon. and the last one you’ll be able to read in person if you make it out to megacon in march. i’m also prepping my story for parable 2 which i think i’m just going to keep in the prep stage until i finish one or two of these. this is all in addition to to me trying to keep up with cow & buffalo every week and the various other things that pop up from time to time. it looks like 2008 is really shaping up to be the year of comics for me!


  1. Bryan B.’s avatar

    awesome. I love that last panel especially.

  2. Mish’s avatar

    you sir, are insane! how do you keep up with so many things happening at once?

  3. Marcelo’s avatar

    Hey Mike,
    I loved that first pannel and I´m already curious and anxious to see pages from it.

  4. megan’s avatar

    busy busy! can’t wait to see everything :)

  5. alina’s avatar

    Fun coolio illo!

  6. mike’s avatar

    bryan- i’ll have to make sure to send you a copy of that one when it’s done.

    mish- verrrrrrrry little sleep. and a pretty frazzled mind (though the latter thing is pretty usual).

    marcelo- it’ll be out in july. that’s all i can say!

    megan- thanks! me too!

    alina- thank you. :)

  7. Sally’s avatar

    Wow, busy busy! How exciting! (That contraption in the third one looks suspiciously familiar!) First panel secret project looks *fantasic*.

  8. ali’s avatar

    i’m exhausted just thinking of all you’re doing! sheesh man!


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