i don’t think gollum ever dated

but i doubt his dates would have showed up anyway. poor gollum.


for drawergeeks.

also- my buddy jeff turned me on to what may be my favorite show right now (until next thursday when lost returns). in case any of you aren’t familiar with garth marengi’s darkplace here’s a clip:

the show is genius- and a shame since it only lasted 6 episodes. but you can catch it at 1:00am every sunday (or is that monday?) on cartoon network.


  1. Paul Harrison-Davies’s avatar

    Just peaking out from my cloak of lurk to commend your good taste, Darkplace is fantastic. Once you’ve seen the measly 6 episodes have a look for Man to Man With Dean Learner, Marenghi is interviewed in one episode, and there’s some other great characters.
    And that’s one sweet picture of Golum too!

  2. Mish’s avatar

    awesome! you’re my favorite drawergeeks submission this week!

  3. mark’s avatar

    hey there! thought i would pass the word along to the only person i know who is part of Drawer Geeks – i’ve done my first drawing for this month’s topic, Lord of the Rings. it’s up on my blog right now. have a look and see what you think. i did it really quick so it’s a little rough.

  4. Marco’s avatar

    Nice LOTR sketch. Poor gollum! Not easy being more than 100 years old, and incredibly ugly.

  5. bruna’s avatar

    The best of (Ork) wine and the freshest fish! it will be a top 10 best meal of the year on Japan!

  6. Bryan B.’s avatar

    Rockin’ week Mike. Ha!

  7. mike’s avatar

    paul- i’ve been watching a bunch of those man to man’s lately. dean learner is brilliant!

    mish- aw thanks! your legolas rocked!

    mark- hey, great job! i see you’ve been working on some of the other topics as well. that’s awesome.

    marco- haha, yup. :) thanks!

    bruna- oh jeez- i hope not!

    bryan- thanks! missed seeing something from you this week. i half expected some LOTR character out on a street corner. ah well, maybe next time. :)

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