i just wanted to take a quick moment to mention that a few of my books, including adventures in sandwich making, are now on– i believe the first successful e-book downloading site. this is good news to those of you that always wanted to buy my books but didn’t want to spend the money- because every book on wowio is free. yup! free! and yet somehow, i still make a little bit of change every time someone downloads something of mine. of course- i still appreciate those of you that buy a physical copy, but this is a nice alternative. so if you want to help out an artist and make sure he can keep drawing comics and other fun stuff- as well as assure that this great service sticks around- then go and download my books right now! just type in mike maihack into the search field. and thanks!


  1. bruna’s avatar

    WOHOOOO! The shipping delivery fees for Brazil is always a pain in the @$$, so this e-book deal sounds sweeet! I’ll go download it righttt now!

  2. Toby’s avatar

    I will check it out. Great drawings on the blog!

  3. Bryan B.’s avatar

    I’m definitely going to check that out, very cool. Might have to put one of my books up on it. Coolness.

  4. mike’s avatar

    cool. thanks guys!

  5. Muffin’s avatar

    THANKYOU for that link! I love books, and of course the real thing is thousand times better – this is such a cool thing still. (: Especially for the kind of books about food and wine and creative stuff. thanks again!

  6. Muffin’s avatar

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! :( Only for US residence. SO UNFAIR! :/

  7. Ryan Spencer’s avatar

    That’s cool Mike. Yeah, a friend of mine has been trying to get me to publish on wowio.

    Though the page count went up. But I’m working on it.

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