one of my favorite illustrators, chris sanders, just started a webcomic starring the adorable yet irate kitty above. there’s only two strips so far and i already love it. so does ryan estrada who’s celebrating sanders’ venture into webcomics territory by starting a kiskaloo meme. i was sitting at a presentation today for work and, since i had a paper and pen in front of me, decided to sketch the above for said meme. then quickly threw some color on it because color is pretty.


  1. Keath’s avatar

    That’s just flat out badass Mike – no other way to categorize it!

    Hope to see you Saturday!

  2. mike’s avatar

    thanks, keath! i’ll be there!

  3. Amanda Grazini’s avatar

    I love your pirate kitty!!!!!!!!!!


  4. Amanda Grazini’s avatar

    And I love Chris Sanders work too!


  5. mike’s avatar

    thanks, amanda. :)

  6. megan’s avatar

    He he, adorable.. and furious!

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