missing in action

here’s something i actually drew waaaay back in september of last year but had to wait to post until now. my character for FACA4, Cream and Sugah:


unfortunately she never showed up for the fight. whether she got stuck in line at starbucks or simply got cold hoofs we’ll never know. here she is with her whole coffee themed tag team, Taste Test of Death, with Brewtality (created by Matt Yokom) in the background and our manager, The Mug (Mike Laughead‘s brainchild), charging us into battle down in front there:


the team was sent in on time so it’s a shame they never got to fight. but it’s probably good for the other contenders since our team would have ripped them to shreds. >:)


  1. Bryan B.’s avatar

    I get all jittery just looking at them. They should sponsor Duncan Hills Coffee.

  2. matt’s avatar

    these guys i would definitely not want to mess with….especially The MugĀ®, he would win the match alone with his angry little teeth!

  3. mike’s avatar

    bryan- haha!! drink dunkan hills! OR ELSE!

    matt- i actually think our manager is the most threatening looking of all of us. how scary would it be to accidentally grab him out of the shelf?!

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