dairy christmas!

i just posted this on cow & buffalo, but i know some of you might not see it there. and i didn’t want you all to think i wasn’t wishing you a very, dairy christmas as well (you might have to click on it to read everything). :)


i hope everyone enjoys their egg nog and fruit cakes and other “delicious” holiday treats. i’ll see you next year!



  1. Keath’s avatar

    Merry Christmas Mike! Hope you and Jen have a good one!

  2. bruna’s avatar

    Merry Christmas Mike and Jen! and a New Year full of adventures and sandwich making!

  3. Bryan B.’s avatar

    Who doesn’t like a good nog? Merry xmas buddy.

  4. MarcoBucci’s avatar

    hahaha, funny idea. And I loved your elf sketch. happy new year!

  5. mike’s avatar

    hey- thanks guys! i hope all your new years and christmases were great!

  6. Hailey Hall’s avatar

    Fruit Cakes are the specialty of my grandmother, she bakes lots of fruit cakes.~“

  7. Mario Paulauskis’s avatar

    Your style is so distinctive compared to numerous other people. Thank you for publishing when you have the opportunity, I will just make this bookmarked.

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