pink hearts and journey’s end

drawergeeks’ topic last week was elves. this is another one for my giant pink heart series. ;)


also, most of you (i hope) know i do a weekly comic called cow & buffalo. well, today i just put up the quindrupel-sized ending to a story arc that’s been going on since september of 2006. now that we know the story actually has an end, it might be fun to go back and read the whole thing from the beginning. it’s sixty-four strips in total, not counting all the places cow teleported off to over the last month. here’s where it all began!

and, i’ve said this elsewhere- but a HUGE THANKS to all the artists that put up with cow as he invaded your comics and/or websites. you totally helped make journey cow more awesome than i ever intended. in case you missed the event, the full list of all the comics cow zapped himself into can be viewed here.

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  1. Sarah!’s avatar

    Yay elves in love with cute cats at Christmas. Also congratulations on finishing up your massive story arc! I must catch up on it all. I bet that feels great to tie it all up.

  2. mark’s avatar

    hey there!
    i noticed you are a member of
    i have visited the page several times and would love to become a member – i have been searching for some time now for some group to join that will provide me with weekly/monthly artistic motivation (outside of my own). i submitted my information to join but have not, as of yet, been approved by an administrator. i was just wondering what the delay might be and if there was anyway of contacting the person in charge. any help you could offer would be greatly appreciated. thanks very much!

  3. mike’s avatar

    thanks, sarah!

    mark- the guy in charge is just super busy. we should have a new site up soon and then he might start taking new members. no reason you (or anybody for that matter) can’t go ahead and draw the topics anyway! a good challenge is a good challenge no matter where it’s posted. :)

  4. Bryan B.’s avatar

    Awesome! Now, when’s the next book coming out? My daughter (well, me too) want to know.

  5. Bambi-really’s avatar

    Wow, just found you through Drawergeeks, your work is SO fantastic (the hot dog stand was the first category I clicked on). It’s great to have found you, I’ll be a regular for sure. Amazing use of colour in your work.

  6. mike’s avatar

    bryan- hah! it’s not over for even a week and you already want merchandise. actually- everyone should think like you!

    but i think i’ll wait about year or so. i already have some big things coming out next year i want to promote. :)

    bambi- thank you so much. i LOVE your blog! the 12 days of Christmas illos you are doing right now are brilliant!

  7. Tony C.’s avatar

    Spotted Cow in the background of We The Robots and it cracked me up. Keep up the great work in the new year!

  8. mark’s avatar

    thanks! and good point. please keep me posted on when a new site may get up and running. in the meantime i’ll keep you abreast of my own work on the given topics over on drawergeeks… if you’re interested.

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