ming doyle IS batgirl!

or at least she was on halloween. ming (an amazing draftsperson by the way) was the first runner up on project rooftop’s latest flights, fights, & tights contest. this means she got a drawing of her in her redesigned batgirl costume by yours truly!


i just sent this out today, so i hope ming likes it. check out the above link for pics of her costume. and click here for the other awesome prizes drawn by dean trippe and ben hatke.

also- cow can still be found zapping himself all over the internets



  1. Marcelo’s avatar

    Awesome, Mike.
    This is how batgirl should look, love the design.

  2. miguel’s avatar


    I like the art on your blog dude!

  3. Bryan B.’s avatar

    Niftomatic. Great interpretation of the design.

  4. Josh’s avatar

    Very awesome!

    (I’m diggin’ seeing Cow pop-up all over the place!)

  5. mike’s avatar

    thanks everyone! ming did a great job designing the costume. i just had to try to give justice to it on paper. :)

    and miguel- thanks for stopping by. i dig the art on your blog too!

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