mid-ohio con

here’s some photos from mid-ohio con last weekend, courtesy of my good friend matt who took all the pictures and kept me company at my table. he’s also the guy responsible for the awesome cow & buffalo stand-ups you see behind me.


there i am on day one! with cow and buffalo excited to be on display. :)


and i guess that was it for day one because the rest of the photos have me wearing a different shirt. that’s matt to the right of me giddy about showing off all the display stuff he made for me (thanks matt!).


when matt would leave to go wander the floor cow would step up in his place. i would try to have conversations with him but it was like talking to a piece of cardboard.


oh cow!


i don’t usually sell sketches for people at shows because i’m sloooooooow. but this guy was persistent. he wanted a dancer so here’s girl uh… dancing. on fire. hotttt.


this one guy came by with this huge book of sketches he’s collected from artists drawing yoda. it was the coolest book to browse through with original drawings from amazing artists like jeff smith and david mack. this took less convincing for me to quickly sketch my tea drinking version of the old jedi master.


speaking of tea- this young captain america recognized my tea drinking wolverine from drawergeeks. his dad informed me he was saying “more tea, mr fuzzles?” for a week after seeing it. cool!


speaking of captain america- here’s his not quite as well-known counter part, captain ohio (great costume)!


matt is a lover of chickens so he couldn’t resist taking a picture of this guy balancing a rubber chicken. incredible!


matt then thought it would be fun to have some of the costumed characters reading adventures in sandwich making. here’s batman…


and hellboy… (i love that guy behind hellboy. he’s so ready to do.. something…)


and this guy…


batgirl and superman… (great hair supes!)




a jawa…


and this stormtrooper. this one’s gotta be my favorite. he just looks so generally involved.

that’s it! back to drawing!



  1. Amanda Grazini’s avatar

    hahaha funny photos!


  2. Keath’s avatar

    Great recap Mike! The stand-ups look great – gives your whole table a professional feel!

    Love the dancer sketch too – especially the tiki heads in the background

  3. Mac McCool’s avatar

    Darth Vader reading Cow and Buffalo! PRICELESS! I know he’s chuckling inside below his deep breathing!

  4. mike’s avatar

    amanda- thanks. matt took them all. :)

    keath- i actually had to ask one of my friends who showed up at just the time what a tiki head looked like. i couldn’t remember! just one more reason i don’t usually do con sketches…

    mac- that costume was great- he actually had the breathing and everything going on under there.

  5. Tim Baron’s avatar

    Great entry, love the drawings and costumes. The AT-AT driver has a HUGE noggin.

  6. Bryan B.’s avatar

    The displays look awesome! Really great. And man, all your famous fans gathered together, how cool is that.

  7. An’s avatar

    Fantastico, hermosamente fantastico, me encnata tu trabajo, lastima que no sepa nada de ingles :) Saludos

  8. mike’s avatar

    tim- he is SO funny!

    bryan- no kidding right? who knew…

    an- uh.. gracious!

  9. Matt Boismier (Tooninator)’s avatar

    Great display and great artwork over here.

  10. Tdub’s avatar

    Great Minds Think Alike
    Pleasure to meet you and see your fine work.
    I am sure I will enjoy seeing more
    Sincerely your new found fan,

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