so last night i went to one of the best rock concerts of my life to see the david crowder band. it’s the second time i’ve seen them but this was my first full show (with the also amazing the myriad (these guys ROCKED!) and phil wickham). david crowder band has been my favorite band ever since my dad introduced them to me over a year ago and once i realized christian music doesn’t entirely suck now. and man- if you ever get a chance to see them, don’t miss the opportunity. even if you aren’t into christian music- these guys put on one fantastic concert.

and although i love, love, love their music and crowder has to be one of the most entertaining and humorous worship leaders out there (who else can include a keytar (as seen above), a guitar hero guitar (reprogrammed to actually rock), a banjo and megaphones all into one show?), it was the awesome atmosphere of the evening that really made the event.

one of the things that crowder said that really resonated with me was that “if we all lived like we sang, the world would be a better place”. and he’s so obviously right. praising God for two and a half hours with hundreds? a thousand? however many people can fit into the hard rock down here… doesn’t mean anything if we don’t go out and live by that example out here on this planet. the tour is called the remedy tour for more reasons than that’s just the name of their new album. crowder and friends are sincerely trying to make the world a better place in the way all people should be making an effort to do everyday. crowder even wrote up a specific list for everyone there with ways to help out the orlando community. that’s awesome! how often do you walk into a rock concert and find ways to help people! just the small things. like giving towels and socks to a nearby shelter like we all did last night. that’s all it takes. and it doesn’t take very long. just live like you love God. even if you don’t quite know him yet. i think you have a fairly good idea of how he’d want you to live if you did. live like you sing!

i’m the busiest i’ve ever been in a long, long time, so i have no new art to show you today (though i do hope to have some stuff to show you/announce soon!). i’d be stressing out to no end if i didn’t know God has his hands on my (very sore) shoulders helping me along. but i need to make more of an effort to return his grace to his creations at every opportunity. among all the pixies and siths and drawergeeks, i don’t say how much i love God often enough on this blog. and i guess this is that post.

so thank you Christ for all the blessings i don’t deserve, for making each year better than the last and for the AWESOME concert we were at last night. and help me return the favor out there. :)


  1. Cristina Irizarry Santiago’s avatar

    I`m glad that there are artists out there who aren`t ashame to speak out about they`re faith in Jesus Christ. I`m also a Christian and if it counts for anything I`m here to encourage you. ;)

    On another note, I love David Crowder! He so rocks!!! I just wish I had more of his music. ;) Bytheway, you seem to like rock check out these bands: Skillet, Switchfoot, Pillar. There are tons of great Christian bands out there. Any questions about the bands hit me up with a comment on my site. ;)

  2. Tim Baron’s avatar

    As Bach liked to say, Soli Deo Gloria.

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    Thanks for the visit Miiiike!!!!



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    Um grande trabalho em toda a……
    grande abraco amigo….:)

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    Great post — Crowder does indeed rock out.

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