darth xia-lia

the topic was to create your own sith for drawergeeks this week.


i named her darth (because she’s a sith) xia-lia (because all my otherworldly beings’ names start with x. the dash is thrown in there so she doesn’t sound like some new form of medication that has 14,000 side effects- even though she still kinda does).

what is it about this time of year that things get super hectic? i haven’t posted to this blog in half a month. i’m sorry blog!


  1. matt’s avatar

    man you are sooooo lazy, not posting in half a month…who are you, matt yokom?!
    awesome sith btw, i like the saber! hahaha.

  2. mike’s avatar

    haha! i know- yours came out awesome! i should have spent more time on mine…

    hey- i saw you posted on your blog and outside a pig is flying. huh.

  3. Tim Baron’s avatar

    Great as usual. Dude, is that just a bit of “plumber butt” peeking out on her?

  4. Bryan B.’s avatar

    My Favorite of the week. Again.

  5. mike’s avatar

    tim- yeah, i forgot to give her a belt. :P

    bryan- aw. shucks. :)

  6. Muffin’s avatar

    awesomastic, mike. :)

  7. Muffin’s avatar


    The McBlog forgives yeh!

  8. mike’s avatar

    hah! thanks, mette!

  9. Victor Hugo’s avatar

    Man! I´m in love with your characters! Beautiful and inspiring! Keep up the amazing work!

  10. Victor Hugo’s avatar

    PS: Dark Phoenix never looked so paradoxically cute! It´s favorited!

  11. mike’s avatar

    thanks victor!

    is my phoenix “dark” phoenix? i thought her outfit changed to red when jean turned dark.

  12. Marcelo’s avatar

    Amazing and cute as always, Mike!

  13. christain quiroz’s avatar

    hey still loving your picture… darth is both scary and hot….my name is christain and i am a beining artist n i am so impressed with ur catoons. Im not every good at creation but i trying…

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