hug-o-ween party!

i’m officially renaming halloween HUG-o-ween! so go out, find a monster or witch or pirate or ninja or member of the band ween, and give them a big old frankinHUG!


for drawergeeks this week. :)


  1. Bryan B.’s avatar

    The squidging out mummy wrappings. Genious.

  2. Jörn G.’s avatar

    :P … ok, i’ll do so.

  3. Jörn G.’s avatar

    :P … ok, i’ll do so. Great blog here, will be back

  4. bruna’s avatar

    The vampire is the BEST!!! soooo cute, the poor little bugger!!! It’s a big relieve that vampires can survive Frank’s hugs… fiiiuf *
    they all look great! awesome art Mike! Happy Halloween everybody!

  5. Marcelo’s avatar

    hahaha…I loved the way you came up with the characters, they all look great!


  6. megan’s avatar

    he he, I love the werewolf trying to push out of the hug… it reminds me of me and my brother as kids, except he was only hugging me so I couldn’t escape while he punched me in the arm. Good times! :) I love the mummy too!

  7. mike’s avatar

    thanks, everyone! again- it’s really cool how you all have a different favorite. :)

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