sugar frosted pixies

a few of you may know that i’m part of a very cool art blog called sugar frosted goodness. there’s a zillion talented artists that post on there every single day so if you’ve never been there, and you like art, make sure you do. then bookmark it or rss feed it or whatever you wacky kids are doing these days. anyhoo, i was asked to draw some characters in front of the sfg banner and, me being me, decided to draw some pixies. well, two pixies and a mermaid (mermaids are just water versions of pixies anyhow).




sorry that’s as big as those get. i only had a 72dpi version of the logo to work with. but you can view some larger versions of the originals here, here and here.

that may be the last of the pixies for a while too. i just started a new project that’s going to focus my attention on something else for the time being. of course, if anyone wants to commission me to draw more pixies, i’m not going to turn them down. ;)


  1. Keath’s avatar

    Not to be seen as anti-pixie or anything, but I have to say the mermaid one is my favorite. Now for a swifty exit, stage left, before the pencils start flying …

  2. Bryan B.’s avatar

    rockin’. sockin’ even. My favorite is probably the first one. Pixie On!

  3. bruna’s avatar

    Hey Mike! nice pixies! I’ll check Sugar Frosted, now that I’m back on blogging! YAY! is good to be back! :)

  4. Carrie’s avatar

    Never commented here before, but enjoy lurking none-the-less – I love the 3rd one, she’s just beautiful!

  5. Sarah!’s avatar

    These are so charming Mike. I love them. And I just know pixies will sneak out of your pencil anyway. :)

  6. mike’s avatar

    keath- missed you on Saturday! and it’s okay- mermaids and pixies technically fall into the same category. no one’s going to be throwing digital tomatoes and heads of lettuce at you. ;)

    bryan- ooo– rockin’ sockin’ pixies…. now you got me wanting to draw them again.

    bruna- thanks! i’m glad you’re back too!

    carrie- thank you! i love how everyone has a different favorite. :)

    sarah- haha! yeah, you’re probably right. sneaky pixies….

  7. Kaitlyn’s avatar

    hey mike lov3 your stuff im only 12 and absoloutly love art ! you and sarah mensinga are awesome! i adore you both ok bye x x p.s lovin the pixies!!

  8. Ella+Veronica’s avatar

    We’re both in love with your art! We’re both 12 and we love to draw…Can we submit our drawings of mermaids and pixies to you?!?! That would be like, SOOOOO AWESOME!!!!!! We love you XOXOXOXOXOXO <3

    1. mike’s avatar

      send away, girls! love to see em. :)

    2. Ella+Veronica’s avatar


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