she’ll never get off the ground

not really a vehicle lover so here’s a pimped out pixie instead for drawergeeks pimp your ride topic.


it’s the first cool day here in tampa! i’m finally starting to get into the fall spirit- still my favoritest of seasons despite not many color changes here in florida. there’s a crispness in the air, the humidity level lowers, and a ton of my favorite bands decide to release their new albums.

speaking of which, has everyone downloaded the new radiohead yet? you really don’t have an excuse since you can pay however much you want for it. i was listening to it on my way to work this morning and, despite it’s short audio length, think it’s a perfect album for this time of year.


  1. Bryan B.’s avatar

    Well deserved of the #1 spot.

  2. Blom’s avatar

    If you clap your hands and belive, then it will fly.
    I think this is a great respond to the topic of making custom cars.
    You know what they say about bumble-bees,” they can`t fly, but they don`t know that yet. ” ^___^

  3. Muffin’s avatar

    Again my favourite, Mike. :) It was very unexpected, and I love all the details. Aslo – it reminds me of Anoushka (or how it’s spelled), which is a very good thing!

  4. bruna’s avatar

    Uau! Fierce backgroud! She really doesn’t need to fly with a background like that!! Just stand there looking preettyyyy. beautiful Mike!

  5. Tim Baron’s avatar

    Mike, This is great.
    Do you mind if I ask how you got the painterly effect in the background? Is that Photoshop or Painter?

  6. ali’s avatar

    spectacular! love everything about it! :)

  7. Stuart (Marcelo)’s avatar

    Hey man!! Wow!! Congratulation for your arts and comics! I Love it! Very nice! I’m a ilustrator too (but i’m just begining..) and you blog is a very good source of study.. I’m from Brazil! =D

  8. mike’s avatar

    bryan- hah! well- wasn’t the biggest week, but thanks. :)

    blom- haha- yeah most of the time i see some of these pimped out cars here in tampa, i wonder how they even move. i was actually thinking of that as i drew this.

    muffin- thanks! do you mean the swiss illustrator or the sitar player?

    bruna- a storm is brewing! she’s gonna have to get somewhere!

    tim- that’s all photoshop. i’ve been playing around with some of the brush settings lately. i would like to dabble in painter someday though.

    ali- hey ali! long time. and thank you!

    stuart- thanks! i took a look at your site- there some really nice stuff on there. :)

  9. megan’s avatar

    Oooh, I love it Mike! I always love the fanciful flying contraptions, and this one rules. I love her posture, so brave… I’m sure I’ve said this sixty times, but you really achieve so much with the smallest gestures and expressions. Outstanding!

    PS- new radiohead is good! ‘the reckoner’ is my fave… :)

  10. mike’s avatar

    aw- thanks megan! reckoner is a great track. my favorite is probably “nude”. i just wish that album was longer!

  11. Aubrey’s avatar

    Your website is so cool! I love your drawings too. I have a website that my Stepdad made me, but Im still learning about all the comic techniques. So Im a little embarrassed about what it looks like. But seriously your work is really neat.

  12. christain quiroz’s avatar

    Bravo, Bravo loving the colors and the backround. makes me wanna fly lol keep up the good work

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