cleopatra- in spaaaaaace!!!

miss cleo was the topic of this week’s drawergeeks. my cleopatra battles the evil xerxikes, invaders from the planet xerx.


yeah- i made that up. i have no idea where xerx is. or if there even is a xerx. or even if they are evil. if there are xerxikes somewhere out there and they are a peaceful race, i’d hate to start spreading rumors. so don’t listen to me!

new david crowder is out this week! i’ll be picking that up with the new athlete album that is also out. and maybe the new foo fighters. there’s also new iron and wine, jose gonzalez, eddie vedder, band of horses….

sigh. that time of year i guess…

jen and i will be seeing david crowder in november. with the awesome phil wickham. who i, by taking the time to link to him, just found out also has a new album out on tuesday. jeez!


  1. Kent Culotta’s avatar

    Hey Mike- This is fantastic. A really fun idea. I’d read that comic!


  2. Blom’s avatar

    Great one! If you are going to ad something to that illustration, it must be the pyramid space ship. ^____^

  3. Tim Baron’s avatar

    This rules Mike, love it.

  4. mike’s avatar

    kent- i’m doing it! i’m totally making this a comic.

    blom- oh, she’ll have a spaceship. won’t be a pyramid though.. weren’t the pyramids just giant tombs anyhow? i’m sure i can incorporate one into the story somehow.

    tim- wait until you read the comic!

  5. Amanda Grazini’s avatar

    hey Mike!

    I love her pose!!

  6. Blom’s avatar

    The story behind the pyramids was to send the one in it into the stars. Some think it was places where spaceships landed. But who knows? A fun fact is that it has air channels that leads right up direct to stars, and they all lead to the same stars. And that is kinda strange. ^___^

  7. bruna’s avatar

    I can’t wait to see a few preview pages!!! with Khensu the space kitty! very nice Mike!

  8. mike’s avatar

    amanda- :D

    blom- oh- very cool! very cool indeed (story ideas brewing…..)

    bruna- trivia time! khensu is the name of the egyptian god of the sky. i guess khensu was also an explorer god. i thought the name nicely befitting a floating space kitty. :)

  9. todd’s avatar

    Great concept, nice work here!

  10. Bryan B.’s avatar

    Classic Mike! Yeah, a whole comic of this would be super double fine.

  11. mike’s avatar

    todd- thanks! big fan of your work!

    bryan- i can’t wait to start working on it! i have this whole silly story fleshing out in my head. hopefully i can juggle it into all the other projects i keep giving myself… :P

  12. Pyromaniac Zack’s avatar

    good work. =D =D =D =D
    pleeze DO NOT put a time limit thingy on the comments like Tyler does…i am mad at him for doing it to his web-comic… >=( >=( >=(

  13. mike’s avatar

    zack- thanks, dude! um… no time limit. :)

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