arena mermaid

for fist-a-cuffs’ arena-girl challenge:


her name is hannah. why hannah? because i asked jen what her name should be and she said, “hannah”. that’s creative processing at it’s finest, folks!


  1. dmoonfire’s avatar

    I *love* her hair, this is an awesome picture.

  2. Keath’s avatar

    Fabulous! Unfortunately for your competitors this entry means there’s only 11 spots left since this is a lock for a win.

  3. Caleb’s avatar

    I was wondering what was wrong with my creative process, and now I know: I’ve never asked Jen what my arena mermaids should be named.

  4. Aintshakespeare’s avatar

    That’s an awesome design. I love the loose hair in her face and the way the flag is tangled around her fin. Really cool. And I totally get your naming process. I frequently go to my daughter for names. She seems to know, with out equivocation, what a character’s name is.

  5. Mac McCool’s avatar

    I like the nice composition and look!

  6. Bryan B.’s avatar

    Sweeeet! Yah, that hair is mermtastic.

  7. Mish’s avatar

    Awesome! Another brilliant mermaid, Mike!

  8. Ben Hatke’s avatar

    Hey Mike, that’s one cute mermaid! Though I think she raided the Disney wardrobe room for those clamshells…

  9. Eric Orchard’s avatar

    Hi there! Great stuff, your figures are fantastic. I’ll definately be visiting you more often.

  10. Muffin’s avatar

    oh wow, definitialy one of my favourites! Love the positure, real cool. (:

  11. mike’s avatar

    wow. thanks everyone! i guess you all like mermaids. :)

    dmoonfire- i wanted her hair to have a wet seaweedy feel to it- hope it came across!

    keith- hah! we’ll see. there’s some really nice ones in there already.

    caleb- and now you know why you have failed. ;)

    shakes- kids are so much more creative than us adults! i’ve been saying that for years. well, ever since i turned 18.

    mac- thanks, buddy!

    bryan- whoa. nice adjective.

    mish- yay! that means a lot coming from someone as mermtastic as yourself.

    ben- shhhhhh!

    eric- awesome, dude! thanks for stopping by. you’ve got some great work.

    muffin- :D

  12. quistopolis’s avatar

    Would you be willing to take a commission?

    My site, Mermaid Girlfriend ( needs a mascot.

    And I adore your mermaids!

  13. mike’s avatar

    quistopolis- email about it: mike(at)cowshell(dot)com

  14. tierra’s avatar

    dude i love all of your pictures they are so awsome!!!

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