girl wonder

another break from pixies (those of you who are waiting, i will get back to them soon) to show my completely overt dean trippe inspired girl wonder for the stephanie brown meme said dean trippe started:


i hope to draw some more sketches of her, but we’ll see if time will afford me that opportunity. you can read about stephanie’s sad short career as the first female robin over here.


  1. Keath’s avatar

    Hoodies are hawt!

    The eyes and boots also rock. Overall this may well be one of the best things you’ve posted all year!

  2. dmoonfire’s avatar

    I’m always saddened when I read about Stephanie’s story. It seems so unfair, both in how she was treated in story and outside of story. But, that is an absolutely lovely picture there.

  3. Blom’s avatar

    I see pixie wings on the girl (white shadow), so it`s as near as you come to make a pixie, and she can fly, kinda. It`s anyway a super cool illustration.

  4. bruna’s avatar

    Really Lovely! Your gels are always pretty, so pretty.
    Hey! how about drawing some hot guys for a start, huh? huh? It’s a girl’s request. NightWing would be a great start! It’s kindda the same subjetc, only better! :D

  5. Tim Baron’s avatar

    Dude, great drawing. I’m digging your drawing style. It’s stylized, simplified, yet organic and certain of itself. I like how you don’t overdefine muscles to death.

  6. Sarah!’s avatar

    This is wonderful Mike. She has something really sneaky and mysterious going on. Loved your clown too… yay gothy girl clowns!

  7. mike’s avatar

    keith- the hood is what i what i love about this costume. i totally stole it from dean who totally stole it from whoever designed stephanie’s costume when she was spoiler. anyhoo- glad you like it!

    dmoonfire- i can’t believe the way dc handled her character. i wasn’t familiar with her until last week but it sounds like she could have been a great new robin if just given the chance! or at the least, a terrific supporting character for tim.

    blom- haha! yeah- i guess all of my girls have a “pixieness to them”. :)

    bruna- hah! you’re right! i just don’t draw hot guys nearly enough. give me some time and i’ll try to get a nightwing for you. ;)

    tim- thanks, dude! i just like things simple i guess.

    alina- you are awesome!

    sarah- that was so funny how we had the same kinda clowns for the same sorta reasons. :D thankyou!

  8. FrozenDelight’s avatar

    Good news; Spoiler is alive again!… Well, she never actually died, it was a cover-up! Smells like a retcon, but who cares, I’m just glad she didn’t die horribly.

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