clown time

a brief break from pixies to draw a clown for drawergeeks.


like sarah, regular clowns kind of creep me out too. so this is my take on the topic which ended up being eerily similar to hers. creeeeepy still! but i do think some of the clowns from cirque du soleil are actually pretty cool. which is what i was kinda going for. for some reason i was also thinking of helena bonham carter while sketching this even though she looks nothing of the sort.


  1. Blom’s avatar

    Now I come from Pascals blog, where I found a clown in his image. AND when I turn up on your blog I find one here to. :D

    I think there is some pixie-blood in this clown-princess. ;) I like it, and that umbrella I know will make it good on the open marked. ;)
    The first I saw from Cirque du Soleil was that man who was standing on a trampoline and directing the music, a magic moment in stage-art. I can see the connection to the circus.

    Have you tried juggling, is so much fun! I do 3 and 4 ball juggling and over half of the tricks in 3 ball juggling. Like a hard one where you juggle with the outside of your hands with 3 balls. And it is also great training after you have been drawing or painting. ;)

  2. Caleb’s avatar

    I can see the Helena Bonham. I like the take of ponytails as jester cap. You get points for creating a clown that won’t induce the clown-pony scream in a (somewhat) grown man like myself.

  3. Diogo’s avatar

    Hi Mike, nice work specially the colours!!

  4. Tim Baron’s avatar

    Cool illustration Mike. Your pixie drawings are great too.

  5. Bryan B.’s avatar

    Ha, that was weird and cool, both yours and Sarah’s. Love the patterns going on in ths one Mike.

  6. mike’s avatar

    blom- i can jungle as many as two things! and not for very long. so uh.. yeah. that’s pretty sad.

    caleb- hah! that’s a great quote!

    diogo- thank ye, sir!

    tim- more pixies to come!

    bryan- it was wierd. like we were both channeling some ancient clown heart princess or something. last time i use the ouija board app on facebook.

  7. megan’s avatar

    I love the jester hat/hair interpretation, too- Mike, you’re always so clever!

  8. Marco’s avatar

    nice sketch! Great to see everyone’s work.

  9. Aintshakespeare’s avatar

    Hmm. I don’t think this is that much like Sarah’s except in color. Hers is a sad clown, this one looks mischevious. I like it.

  10. mike’s avatar

    megan- thanks! i really don’t feel too clever. i just wanted to do something different with the hair.

    marco- yeah, all the DGers really knocked this one out of the park (to use an overused reference to a game i never watch).

    shakes- thanks dude! i was going for mischievous. :)

  11. Heledd’s avatar

    Love this picture.
    Its really cool. Doesn’t look very much like a clown though, but meh its great.

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