attack of the pixies: part deux

sure, they look harmless…



  1. Vyoma’s avatar

    Why? Are they not? :P

  2. bruna’s avatar

    YAY! Pixiessss!!!

  3. Caleb’s avatar

    …but they’ll steal your penaut buter faster than you can say, “Hey! Pixies are stealing my peanut butter!”

  4. mike’s avatar

    vyoma- no! see below!

    bruna- sure you say that now- but wait till you’re looking forward to eating a peanut butter sandwich!

    caleb- THAT’S what i was trying to think of!

  5. paige’s avatar

    pixies are so kwl x !!!!

  6. Blix Express’s avatar

    It’s be more effective if you followed this up with the scene of them posing triumphantly over some incredibly powerful looking but absolutely defeated, shamed and surrendered foe(s) at their feet.

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