attack of the pixies

i’m going to draw pixies for a little while if everyone’s okay with that.



  1. Bryan B.’s avatar

    It’s about time.

  2. Blom’s avatar

    I like your pixies-illustrations, so let them fly! ;D

  3. Keath’s avatar

    Hmm – Frank Black went from young and thin to bald and fat and now to small and female. The major labels can’t touch indie stars that tight!

    Word on the street is next week you’ll be drawing Husker Du’s – care to confirm or deny?

  4. Aintshakespeare’s avatar

    I’ve always liked the idea of Pixies. Cute, sweet, beautiful, and capable of utterly destroying your life. Don’t cross pixies. I like the naked one with no wings. She is like the revealed soul of all of the others. They are just like her on the inside!!!!

    Let the pixies roll!

  5. Amanda Grazini’s avatar

    I’m ok with that Mike!

    I love it!

  6. Marcelo’s avatar

    Lovely Pixies, Mike…they´re all so cute.

  7. mike’s avatar

    bryan- hah!

    blom- seriously! why do i always draw them standing or sitting? i mean, they have wings….

    keath- no comment. :)

    aintshakes- yeah i try to stay away from them for my own safety. that’s probably why mine are so inaccurately cute and nice.

    amanda- yay! more to come.

    marcleo- thanks! inaccurately cute though…

  8. Mish’s avatar

    awesome! i love the one on the very bottom, she looks sweet.

  9. naru’s avatar


    your draws are amazing!!

    i love pixies :P

    PD sorry about my english…i’m from argentina :P


  10. mike’s avatar

    thanks, mish!

    hah! no problems, naru. you know 100% more english than i know argentinian. actually, any foreign language for that matter. do they speak argentinian in argentina?


  11. Loma’s avatar

    HI!You are the best:D:D:D
    Why u dont write so often(exm…Either me i dont know very good English:D)

  12. skamperdanskitty’s avatar

    they’re all so pretty!…I really like the giddy hyper one in the top left corner…probably because I’m the giddy hyper one myself in most situations

  13. ILSTCG’s avatar

    I like the second pixie on the top. I don’t think all pixies are that cute though:D

  14. Spikeitright’s avatar

    i like the one with her hands over her head it reminds me of me friend brenna and her nickname is pixie and mine is smurf

  15. laura’s avatar

    hi hi this is someone lol not tellin ya mahh name i love the picz by the way they sikko

  16. Duddette’s avatar

    i always dreamed of real pixies :P
    i love the pic so much im gonna use it for my new profile pic on fb :P
    love the idea

  17. sophie’s avatar

    you’re an awesome artist
    love the pixies
    they are so cute
    whats the difference between fairies and pixies btw?

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