evil rotten rasputin was the topic of today’s drawergeeks.


apparently, as legend has it, ol’ raspi was nearly impossible to kill. after several assassination attempts on the guy (including being stabbed and strangled) his body was eventually found frozen in an icy river. he was found poisoned, shot four times and severely beaten. after all of this, the autopsy report showed that his cause of death was hypothermia.

of course, that’s just legend. but it does sound like raspi wasn’t a very popular russian (i mean- he was evil). maybe he just died of a broken heart?


  1. Bryan B.’s avatar

    really great buddy. the falling mags, nice touch. :)

  2. Muffin’s avatar

    I’m always looking forward to see what you are coming up with, Mike. And you never dissapoint. :) I especially love the hands.

  3. Sarah!’s avatar

    Very cool Mike! I especially like the maggots too. Ew!

  4. mike’s avatar

    bryan- thanks! maggots are fun to draw for some reason…

    muffin- same to you, mette!

    sarah- :) you guys really like maggots! huh…

  5. Richard Gaines’s avatar

    Man, I love your stuff! Your coloration is amazing and your characters have so much appeal.

    Really really fun stuff!

  6. (other) mike’s avatar

    Absolutely stunning stuff! You have a whole lotta talent, and it’s really inspiring.

  7. Marcelo’s avatar

    Hahahaha…Great drawing, Mike. Only you to make Rasputin a fun character!

  8. mike’s avatar

    andrew- thanks!

    richard- i’m trying. you’ve got some really great characters on your site too!

    other mike- thank you. those are some darkly hilarious comics you draw. that batman/penguin one is great.

    marcelo- haha! yeah- i need to work on my “evil”. :)

  9. magnus’s avatar

    he was a very popular russian inndedd for a moment. being the right hand of tsar nikolay II and known as a healer prophet and the mad monk. he bacame unpoular after starting critise the tsar family.

  10. Rin’s avatar

    Actually, He was a healer and a very perverted one at that. But in reality he was a Holy man who helped people.

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