all this week, project rooftop is showcasing costume re-designs of bart allen (aka: impulse; aka: kid flash; aka: the flash) in honor of mike wieringo who co-created the character with mark waid back in the 90’s. the tribute is strangely appropriate since just this month, in the last issue of flash, bart allen died suddenly and far too early. i choose to take on a redesign of bart’s initial impulse identity, since that’s when mike first drew him (and when i was reading him).


impulse was actually my favorite DC title and character back when waid and ramos (wikipedia links aplenty this post!) were working on it. he was just a twelve year old kid who lived up to his name with impulsive decisions and cartooned scenarios pictured in thought bubbles. and I really didn’t see any way to improve on that first costume either. but I did like the idea of how he was having trouble containing the speed force (the force that gives him his super speed powers) in his far too brief flash stint. so I tried to combine some of those things and make his costume somewhat of a containment suit for the speed force when he’s using his powers- LEST THEY DESTROY HIM! even if in my drawing it doesn’t look like the suit is doing a very good job of that. ;)


  1. Mike Laughead’s avatar

    There’s something amazing about this one Mike. I love it. There is great energy in this illo.

  2. Shruti N’s avatar

    you have a really nice blog. i love your designs – and bloc party.
    random passerby

  3. Ken Chandler’s avatar

    Awesome characterization. Love the energy in this piece, and the lightning is cool too. Great blog. I’ll be back around.

  4. bruna’s avatar

    I love ALL the flashes!!!! yours is awesome!

  5. mike’s avatar

    mike- thanks dude! i tried to capture some super speed in this one.

    shruti- thank you stopping. :) and yes- bloc party is awesome. i hope they make it down to mid-florida soon.

    ken- thanks! you have some really nice work on your blog as well.

    bruna- oh- i KNOW you love flash. ;) this one is only 12 years old though!

  6. Matt’s avatar

    He kinda looks like me, except I hope I fill out the suit better! LOL
    This pic is great, and even shows some fluidity in his movement, superfast as it is.


  7. sarah’s avatar

    aw mike, his face looks like curious goerge :)

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