hot dog stand

drawergeeks topic this week was hotdog stand. i owe jen for helping me come up with this idea:


bands i’m really into right now: bloc party! i still remember has been my catchy fun song of the summer. i’m so late catching on to this band and i have no idea why. their music is highly addictive. as is wolf parade’s! i’ll believe in anything has been stuck in my head for over a week now!

and at work this morning, someone brought in cupcakes with cow sprinkles. i didn’t even know they made cow sprinkles! they taste just like regular sprinkles but better because they are shaped like cows.

hooray for fridays!


  1. Blom’s avatar

    Nice! Hot dog will never be the same after this.
    I like the colors you have started to use, the oldyello-blackNwhite-colored pictures.

  2. Keath’s avatar

    Genius interpretation!

    Mine’s still sitting on my desk waiting to be photoshopped for color. All week I’ve sworn each night that I’d get to it and now it’s Friday with nada to show. Alas.

    My summer fun song has been Ashley MacIsaac’s “Love ’em.” Something about that chorus just gets in my head.

    All this week I’ve taken advantage of the convertible weather to lower the top and blast Her Space Holiday’s “The Young Machines” – you might consider checking out some online samples, it kinda fits in with your tastes I think.

  3. Muffin’s avatar

    Haha, I LOVE it. :D my favourite, no doubt. Give Jen som credit from me. (;

  4. bog_art’s avatar

    I love the idea.. and the colors are great!!..

  5. Bryan B.’s avatar

    You rocked this one buddy. Great all around. Charm city.

  6. Mac McCool’s avatar

    Mike, GREAT drawing! I don’t know if you meant it, but the “motion” lines at the base of the heart look like the motion lines of the dog, as if it were wagging its tail! Fun, fun, fun!!!

  7. Jeremy’s avatar

    Man, you rocked this week OUT!
    Fantastic take on the topic.
    You and Bryan had my favorite submissions I think.
    Nice work.


  8. Og’s avatar

    Yeah, this is big time fun. The squiggles are groovy, the dog is cute, and the colors are Buffalogicious.

    You win!

  9. megan’s avatar

    Ooh, I love this! You’ve really got a way with gesture, Mike. The way he’s patiently (but eagerly) sitting there with his little paws folded… it says so much. Really clever!

  10. James Figueiredo’s avatar

    Hi, first time commenting here – Found your place through Marcelo’s blog.

    I think this piece is absolutely lovely – The dog’s pose is just adorable, and your coloring is great!

  11. MarcoBucci’s avatar

    I loved this when I saw it on DG. Great sense of design and composition!

  12. mike’s avatar

    thanks everyone! i’ll be sure to tell jen you all really liked this one. maybe we should collaborate more often…

    and kieth- thanks for the music recommendations! i’ll be checking those out.

  13. Bobby Chiu’s avatar

    Looks so adorable! wonderful job!

  14. mike’s avatar

    thanks, bobby! love your work.

  15. yolk’s avatar

    sweet! i love this dog and.. this brush of grass.

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