a little mermaid drawing

last week, a couple of my friends were drawing mermaids. not wanting to be left out, i drew one too, and just got around to coloring her this morning.


not quite as unique or cool as their mermaids, and a bit too ariel looking, but at least now i can add “have drawn mermaid” to my resumè.

and joel carroll pointed me to this really sad news this morning as well… :(

i only knew mike from online- from his blog and forum chatting and whatnot. but from what i gathered, he was an extremely nice guy and an insanely talented artist. you could tell his love of art, and especially the comics medium, in every post and comment he wrote. the news of his passing comes as a shock and is a great loss to both the comics and internet communities. his family will be in my prayers.


  1. Mish’s avatar

    aha! very nice mermaid drawing…love her fishy-scaled tail. i need to get around to coloring mine now!

  2. Sarah!’s avatar

    Yay mermaid fever continues to infect everyone! This is great Mike. I love how she seems to be on the go, in the middle of some sort of mermaidy adventure. :)

  3. Aintshakespeare’s avatar

    Actually it is cool and original. I like the way she is enteracting with the bubbles. And her hair is really cool.

    1. Charline’s avatar

      yeah I agree

    2. Bogar’s avatar

      You have a great blog here!!.. I really like your landscapes and your line style!!.. nice mermaid..

    3. ali’s avatar

      one of the neatest mermaids i’ve seen in a while!
      love her scaley tail & those bubbles are sweet!

      very sweet sentiments for mike & his family as well …

    4. mike’s avatar

      mish- yes! please do!

      sarah- she’s going to fight evil sharks. :)

      shakespear- thanks, dude!

      bogar- thank you!

      ali- the scaley tail was actually kinda fun. except that i draw scales and feathers the same way. and yeah- mike’s passing really put a damper on that day. it’s been nice to read so many kind words dedicated to him on the internet this week.

      thank you!

    5. Matt’s avatar

      I can see the strong resemblance to Ariel that you pointed out…to get awy from the comparison, make her blonde. LOL.

    6. I BE SOMEBODY’s avatar

      i CANNOT SEE HER AS A BLOND!!! But that is way better that my aneorextic (sp) Tinas and you are a great artist. I wish i could draw like that.


    7. Jette’s avatar

      i have a couple water color mermaid and mermen paintings! i just need to figure out how to get them on a computer! they’re really cool! oh and i’m only 14!

    8. Cass’s avatar

      i love the drawing! i wish i was a mermaid like that hen i touched water!!

      1. stefany’s avatar

        don’t worry someday you will be!

      2. morgan’s avatar

        I love your drawing!!! I wish u would mack one of sailormoon!!! :-)!!! I think that would rock!!!!!!! :-p
        ROCK ON

      3. nancy’s avatar

        i like ur drawings!!! can you draw a picture of poisen ivy? the villan from the batman?!

      4. MysteryMaria’s avatar

        Your Mermaid is so coo i wish i could draw like you!!!!!!!

        i know i will someday!!!!!!

      5. ilove_ren!!’s avatar

        wow that is one good drawing! i can’t make dat ;( but of course i LOVE mermaids!

      6. mariah’s avatar

        love this picture.

      7. dinna’s avatar

        i wanna be a Mermaid in my afterlife

      8. Lilee’s avatar

        So incredibly cute!

      9. Gracie’s avatar

        geez! you R such a good artist!! i know i’ll be a very good artist someday!!!

      10. Pearl’s avatar

        It’s great,your drawing.

      11. Pearl’s avatar

        Iwant to sail Canadian seas!

      12. Olivia’s avatar

        Can you send me all your pictures of mermaids please????? I am a huge fan of mermaids they are so cute i love this one so much your a great artist
        Please, please send me all of your mermaid pictures. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      13. alicia’s avatar

        holy crap that looks like me [im a mermaid,seriocly]!!!!!!!!!!!!!!![dont now how to spell it,]

      14. Alice’s avatar

        is a beautiful mermaid I have no doubt about it but can you tell me kien has designed / made ??or created this beauty? (would give a thousand dollars!!)

      15. Faz’s avatar

        Can you draw me four more Mermaids? Five Fairies and also Six Underground Pixies? Please……….

      16. pieman’s avatar

        She’s so pretty and great art work you rock and what’s her name anyway? I love all the artwork

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